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Jets Waiver Wire and Practice Squad Tracker

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

After cutdown day yesterday things do not slow down for NFL teams.

Players with less than four years of experience are subject to the waiver wire. Teams across the league are submitting claims. Today we find out which teams have been awarded which players. This will set off a second round of waiver claims since a spot on the 53 man roster will need to be cleared for each claimed player.

Once players clear waivers, they are also eligible to sign with a practice squad. It is likely teams will begin filling out their practice squads today, although they likely will not be completely filled for at least a few days.

The GGN Twitter widget is too talented to ever end up on a practice squad. However, it is still here to provide updates about any moves the Jets make the make either on waivers or on the team’s practice squad.