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Football Outsiders Expects Big Things From Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Football Outsiders Almanac offers a comprehensive preview of the Jets and every other NFL team. It is available for purchase.

Cale Clinton who authored the Jets chapter was kind enough to answer five questions I had about the upcoming Jets season.

Yesterday’s question was about Zach Wilson. Today my question focuses on the young receivers who will be catching Wilson’s passes.

There is no question that the duo of Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson has the potential to be something special. The question is how much we can expect immediately.

You never want to put too much pressure on young players. What are fair expectations for this year? Let’s see what Cale had to say.

What should expectations be for the Elijah Moore/Garrett Wilson duo in 2022?

I’m very optimistic for the duo. Elijah Moore really came on toward the end of his season (shortened by injury). From Weeks 7 to 12, Moore posted a 76 DYAR, 18th in the league over that stretch. He also finished the year 7th among receivers in rushing DYAR; all of his rushing attempts came in Week 7 and onward. I’d like to see him take on a pseudo-Deebo Samuel role in the Mike LaFleur offense come 2022, getting more rushing attempts as he continues to build on the progress shown in the second half of his season.

Garrett Wilson has equally high expectations. He finished as the top receiver on our FO 40 list headed into the draft. His speed and body control at the point of catch are incredibly impressive. Not only that, but he provides a lot of versatility to this Jets offense, lining up either in the slot or out wide depending on what New York needs most. If he can tighten up his route running, the tools Garrett Wilson already has will make him a headache for defenses to cover.

I generally agree with this assessment. I think Moore is ready to break out. Although he clearly is a very different player stylistically, I could also see him taking on something resembling a Deebo Samuel type role in this offense where his touches are diversified. The biggest question I have is health. Elijah is obviously undersized and battled multiple injuries as a rookie. As long as he can stay on the field, I project big things.

Wilson also brings a lot to the table. I guess I am higher on his route running than Football Outsiders because I think it will already make him difficult to cover.