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Jets Report to Training Camp as Mekhi Becton Appears to Be in Great Shape

New York Jets Training Camp Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Jets veteran players reported to training camp on Tuesday.

Particularly notable was the arrival of tackle Mekhi Becton. Becton is recovering from a knee injury that held him to a single game in 2021. Throughout his recovery, his physical conditioning has been the subject of rumors and speculation from fans and the media alike.

Becton appeared to be in excellent physical condition as he arrived.

I feel like the level of overanalysis to which Becton has been subjected is just a product of the NFL. There are only 17 games per year to discuss. Most of the calendar is empty so people just grasp for things to discuss.

Practically every player in this league is in excellent shape by the time training camp rolls around. Becton’s offseason conditioning probably never deserved the degree of scrutiny it received.

Beyond that, Becton showing up in good shape today means far less than how he actually performs on the field once the games begin.

I’d like to believe people will learn their lesson and stop overreacting to offseason storylines after this saga. How realistic that is I’m not sure. But we have one storyline that is gone the day camp opens.