My Annual JET GM Report Card…..F minus, or whatever the lowest possible grade is

I’m so sick of going thru this exercise year, after year, after year, after year etc with Jet GMs. Let’s give the Johnson’s a hand for sucking the life and soul out of all Jet fans again. Solidifying NY as a one football town.

John B wrote an article on trading draft picks for players, link below, the same concept as trading multiple picks to move up for a QB, or in the case of Sloppy Joe an Offensive guard. Here is the link.

My comments have nothing to do with the individual players involved because they have no control over who picks them or typically their trade destination. The vast majority commended John B on a brilliant piece, myself included. I’ve screamed for years about the same thing but John B is a writer and I’m an analyst, I look at the numbers, statistical inference and use the common sense we all have to figure out what works. The time proven strategy to build a winner in the NFL is no secret. You have to build thru the draft and unlike bball football requires more than 5 players. Therefore trading away picks to move up when your roster is a dumpster fire is idiotic. So why do it?

Because you know you are among the worst GMs in the league. You’ve blown every draft you’ve run, built one of the worst rosters and offensive line’s in the league, your expertise!!! etc etc. all while having full franchise and roster control…You have almost completely flipped one of the leagues worst rosters and made it worse. You can’t make this up. So Sloppy Joe trades up because he’s sooo desperate to fill a roster spot with someone he can claim he got in the draft. Because as he and every Jet GM always swear to when they are hired, I will build this team thru the draft because history proves that’s what works. The Ravens traded back and filled the boat with players in the draft. Sloppy Joe did the opposite. Be honest, did the Jets become smarter than the Ravens overnight!

The analysts applauded the Jets for a great draft then turned around snickering and mocking them to end up with the 2023 #1 pick. Think about it. Sloppy Joe and the Jets are again the league punching bag, a laughingstock. 5.5 wins for the season with how many years in complete control.

The Eagles are the happiest team in the NFL he left. Look at their roster now without him versus the Jets. It’s not a coincidence. I’m not wasting my time with examples. Here’s my yearly real time Jet draft history for reference.

For all those who say I’m just bragging about my mock drafts and then chastising me for knowing nothing about football, thank you. Maybe someday you’ll realize what you said.

For the rest please post your own mock drafts every year because then you’ll realize how easy this is, be as mad as me and maybe embarrass the Johnson’s into fixing this mess. It’s so damn easy there is no reason we should be this bad this long. I also don’t criticize others without opening myself up to the same so the Woody trolls can say what they want but at least I’m honest.

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