3 Final Offseason moves to go for it all THIS season

What an awesome off season. Huge fan of every pick and getting more and more excited about the Michael Clemons pick and the Bam Knight and DQ Thomas pickups the more I read. Right now our depth chart looks pretty deep at all the important postions outside of QB:

Current Projected Depth

QB: Zach WIlson, Mike White, Flacco

RB: Breece, Michael Carter, Bam Knight

WR: Elijah Moore, Garrett Wilson, Corey Davis, Braxton Berrios, Denzel Mims

TE: CJ Uzomah, Tyler Conklin, Ruckert, Yeboah

LT: Fant, Chuma, Mitchell

LG: Tomlinson, Herbig Feeney

C: Mcgovern Feeney Hebig

RG: AVT, Herbig

RT: Becton Mitchell Edoga

DE: Lawson, Clemons, Martin

DT: Quinnen, Rankins (not a good run defender)

DT: JFM, Soloman Thomas (better run at edge better pass at dt)

DE: Jermaine, Huff, Rashed

OLB: Quincy Williams, DQ Thomas

MLB: Mosely, Sherwood

OLB: Hamsah, ?

CB: Sauce, Reed, Hall, Echols, Dunn

SS: Whitehead, Davis

FS: Joyner, Pinnock

NB: MC2, Guidry

PR/KR: Berrios, Knight

Not too shabby of a depth chart, but how can we put it over the top, maybe some minor depth moves at a run defending DT, a veteran linebacker and a safety. Thankfully there are perfect veteran free agent fits at 2 out of those 3 positions.

Bring Back Sheldon Richardson, DT - We bring back one of our classic picks who played well for us before having a decent career elsewhere. He's not THE guy anymore but he would be the best run defender of all of our depth IDL and may even immediately make Soloman Thomas expendable, He's inexpensive, would be a great storyline and would be a great locker room leader at this point in his career.

Jacquiski Tartt, FS - A free safety who spent his career in Saleh's system but has unfortunately been hampered bby injures, With Joyner, Pinnock, Davis and co to share reps with, he provides high quality starter levelplay at the position as long as we limit reps and keep healthy.

Now, what most fans see as our weakest position is linebacker, I'm not a huge fan of bringing in Kwon Alexander, I'd rather take a swing on a younger player. Pittsburgh and Baltimore both don't seem to have Bush and Queen in their long term plans bbut will probably give them at least another season and take the comp pick for letting them walk. Why not swing big one more time though after this amazing off season? There is a team with a top young player at linebacker that has an even bigger and much harder to fill need, WR. And thus, we make one more blockbuster trade.

We trade Corey Davis, WR, a 2023 3rd rounder and a 2023 6th rounder to the Chicago Bears for Roquan Smith, ILB

Corey Davis is a fringe WR1/2 and can be for them next to Darnell Mooney, Byron Pringle and Velus Jones, a fringe WR who will only cost them $11M this season which is a low price tag to give Justin FIelds support. Think about DJ Chark in Detroit making 10M/year and Christian Kirk got 18M/year. If they can lock up a productive high end WR2 for a similar price after a trade, it would be a huge win for the organization.

Check out the new 2022 Jets Depth Chart:

QB: Zach WIlson, Mike White, Flacco

HB: Breece, MC, Bam Knight

WR: Elijah Moore, Garrett Wilson, Braxton Berrios, Denzel Mims, Jeff Smith

TE: CJ Uzomah, Conklin, Ruckert, Yeboah

LT: Fant, Edoga

LG: Tomlinson, Herbbig

C: McGovern, Feeney

RG: AVT, Herbig

RT: Becton, Mitchell

DE: Lawson, Jermaine, Clemons, Huff, Martin, Rashed

DT: Quinnen, JFM, S Richardson, S Rankins, S Thomas

LB: Roquan Smith, CJ Moseley, Quincy Williams, Jamien Sherwood, Hamsah

CB: Sauce, Reed, Hall, Echols

NB: MC2, Guidry, Dunn

SS: Whitehead, Tartt, Davis

FS: Joynder, Tartt, Pinnock

What do you think? Would you be happy with these moves?

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