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Winners and Losers on the New York Jets Roster from the 2022 NFL Draft

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

The Jets added seven players during the 2022 NFL Draft.

Most of the attention is paid to the players selected, but each pick the Jets made impacts players already on the roster. Some benefitted. Others did not. Let’s break down the outcomes.


Zach Wilson: I’d probably put Wilson as the biggest winner on the team. The Jets tried multiple times during the offseason to trade for an established wide receiver but came up short. They made a few modest additions to the offense, but the unit still lacked impact. The additions of Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall could change that. Wilson and Hall both have relatively refined games that make them candidates to make instant impacts. They also have big upside. Add in Elijah Moore and Michael Carter, and the Jets have an exciting corps of young skill players. Unlike quarterbacks of the recent past, Zach Wilson has been given a viable supporting cast that provides him a fair fight as he tries to develop.

Mike LaFleur: I am working on a bigger article detailing this, but the additions of Hall and Wilson are likely the finishing touches on the offense LaFleur wants to run. The pieces are all in place for the system now.

Mekhi Becton: There was plenty of speculation that the Jets would draft a tackle in the early rounds, perhaps making it the end of the line for Becton. Whether this was a vote of confidence from the coaching staff or better value being available when the Jets picked we can’t say. What we do know is Becton is now locked into a starting role.

John Franklin-Myers: JFM is on record that he prefers playing inside at defensive tackle rather than defensive end. He still likely will see a share of snaps on the edge, but the selection of Jermaine Johnson will allow Franklin-Myers to slide to tackle at least on passing downs.

Quincy Williams: There were points in the Draft where a linebacker seemed like a logical pick for the Jets, but they passed each time. This affirms that Williams will be a starter.


Bryce Hall: It has to be difficult for Hall to lose his starting job because he didn’t really do anything that merits a benching. Still the selection of Sauce Gardner along with the signing of DJ Reed earlier in the offseason means that is his likely landing spot. While I have seen fans speculate about a move to safety or a reconfiguration that would allow Hall to stay on the field, I haven’t seen anything to suggest the coaching staff is considering that right now.

Ty Johnson: I doubt that this will lead to much heartbreak in the fanbase, but Breece Hall will probably take more snaps from Johnson than anybody else. We might have seen Johnson drop his last pass in a Jets uniform.

Denzel Mims: Considering his lack of production and how far he has fallen out of favor with the coaching staff, the ship had already probably sailed on Mims anyway. However, the selection of Garrett Wilson makes it much more difficult to envision a scenario where Mims even sees the field unless the Jets are decimated by injuries (and even then...).

Trevon Wesco: After the selection of Jeremy Ruckert, there might not be room on the roster for Wesco. The new third round pick could replace the recent fourth round pick.

Jabari Zuniga: After the selection of Michael Clemons, there might not be room on the roster for Zuniga. The new fourth round pick could replace the recent third round pick.

Chuma Edoga: After the selection of Max Mitchell, there might not be room on the roster for Edoga. The new fourth round pick could replace the recent third round pick.