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New York Jets Flight Connections 05/15/22

New York Jets... Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images

Good morning, Gang Green Nation! Another day, another “The Jets should totally trade Corey Davis” article. Sigh. It’s not happening. The Jets aren’t trading Davis. After spending the entire offseason searching for a 3rd starting wide receiver for Zach Wilson, the probability the Jets then turn around and trade Corey Davis, leaving Zach Wilson with unproven rookie Garrett Wilson, the electric but diminutive and thus far injury prone Elijah Moore, and Braxton Berrios as Wilson’s top three options at wide receiver is close to zero. Sure, if the Jets are completely bowled over by an extremely generous offer nearly anyone could be traded. But barring that, the Jets aren’t trading Davis.

And another thing. Unless he suffers through another nightmare season like last year, Corey Davis isn’t getting cut next year either. I know there is a substantial portion of the fanbase that can’t wait to get rid of him, but here’s the thing. If Corey Davis simply returns to his typical form, doesn’t suffer any major injuries, and cures his issue with the dropsies, something he never suffered from prior to last season, then the roughly $10 million the Jets can save against the cap by cutting him in 2023 won’t be worth it. You cut players to save cap space when their performance is worth less than the cap space you can save by cutting them. If Davis returns to form in 2022, his performance will be worth more to the Jets in the current market for starting wide receivers than the potential $10 Million in cap savings. In addition, holding onto Davis through the 2023 season and letting him walk in free agency would also net the Jets a compensatory draft pick. So, assuming Davis returns to form in 2022, cutting him after 2022 would not only not be worth the $10 million in cap savings, it would also cost the Jets a potential draft pick. Assuming Davis rebounds this year, that would not be a wise decision.

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Here are your missed connections from yesterday.

Enjoy the day everybody.


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