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Jets Fans Overwhelmingly Give 2022 NFL Draft Class an A

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

It’s time for our latest installment of SB Nation Reacts.

Each week through the season and at various points through the offseason, SB Nation reaches out to NFL fans. They are surveyed for opinions about their favorite team and the league in general.

The 2022 Jets Draft class received a lot of praise across the media landscape. Jets fans are also quite excited about the class. 95% of the fans we surveyed gave the Draft class an A.

And unless you think Jets fans are just being biased for their team, SB Nation asked all NFL fans who did the best job in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Jets were the winner.

As for which team had the most confusing class, NFL fans chose an AFC East rival.

These immediate reactions don’t always prove to age well, but we can hope this is one of the times they do.

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