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After Striking Deal with the Eagles, Could the Saints Become an NFL Draft Trade Partner with the Jets?

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

The Eagles and Saints made a trade today involving Draft picks.

For all intents and purposes, the Eagles added a pair of days two picks at the expense of delaying one of their three 2022 first round picks until next year. (There’s obviously more to it if you want to get into the details, but that’s my executive summary.)

More interesting is the Saints perspective. It would be one thing to make this move on Draft night targeting a specific player. One might guess that isn’t the aim here. The Saints don’t know which players will be available at 16 or 19.

This will lead to likely speculation that this move was to prepare for a second trade. There is some recent precedent that incidentally also involves the Eagles. Six years ago the Eagles moved up five slots in the first round from 13 to 8 dealing a couple of defensive starters to Miami. Philadelphia then traded up from 8 to 2 to land Carson Wentz. (Obviously it was a bit different since the Eagles moved up rather than adding an extra first rounder, but the same principle applies.)

The future of the Saints’ quarterback position has been uncertain for the last year since Drew Brees retired. Jameis Winston is currently penciled in as their starter for 2022, but his NFL track record has been middling.

Could today’s trade precede the Saints packaging their two first round picks to move up for a quarterback?

Incidentally, the value of these picks on the trade chart matches up with the Jets’ pick at 4 if Joe Douglas is interested in moving down.

I’ll begin with the normal caveat that I don’t necessarily believe teams should use the conventional trade value chart to value picks in trades, but they do. Right or wrong, the chart might very well set the parameters of any trade.

New Orleans’ pair of first rounders now fall at 16 and 19. Pick 16 is worth 1,000 points on the chart. Pick 19 is worth 875. Packaged together they would be worth 1,875 points.

The Jets’ fourth overall pick is worth 1,800 points on the chart.

This conceivably could make the Jets a good match if the Saints are looking to move up. In fact, the Jets own pick 111 which is worth 72 points. Package it with pick 4, and you have an almost identical point match for 16 and 19.

Of course in recent years in the NFL there has tended to be a premium in a trade up for a quarterback that goes beyond the normal point value. We also don’t know whether Joe Douglas would actually be interested in moving back. He might well have his eyes on a specific prospect.

There’s nothing we can do but watch.