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New York Jets 2022 Undrafted Free Agents Signings, News, and Updates

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

CJ Brewer, DT, Coastal Carolina

Allan George, CB, Vanderbilt

DQ Thomas, LB, Middle Tennessee State

Deandre Torrey, RB, North Texas

Savion Williams, DT Florida A&M

DJ Ford, S, East Carolina

Keshunn Abram, WR, Kent State

Tony Adams, S, Illinois

Bam Knight, RB, NC State

The 2022 NFL Draft ended early for the Jets today. Their final pick came in the top half of the fourth round due to various trades over the weekend and the preceding two years.

Next up is the “eighth round” of the Draft. As soon as the final pick is made, teams are allowed to contact prospects who were not drafted. These players officially become free agents and eligible to sign with any team.

This might not be a particularly active undrafted free agent period for the Jets. By my count, the team has 80 players under contract currently, and we must add the 7 players drafted over the weekend. Teams have a limit of 90 players during the offseason so only 3 slots remain to be filled.

Of course the Jets could easily cut players at the bottom of the roster to clear room for undrafted free agents. However, given the way the team shed all of its late round picks, it’s possible the Jets just don’t think there is much value or depth in this class worth bringing in.

We will find out soon enough. And we will find out from the GGN Twitter widget, which is embedded below. While it might seem odd to have a generational talent like the widget providing UDFA news, you will soon see why it is here.