2021 Mock draft Report Card

Below is my 2021 mock draft with picks posted on GGN before or shortly after the Jets picked. Its hard to do a mock draft because you have to pick players so good they will excel regardless of the team that takes them. Are they good enough to play regularly as rookies? Is there a pro bowl starter already at their position and they are seen as taking as redshirt or developmental year? Scheme is irrelevant to me because good football players fit any scheme. It’s so much easier drafting for a team where you know the coaches and teams needs. One thing about the players I draft is I often already knew them in HS recruiting wars. Creed Humphrey, Penei Sewell, Eric Stokes, Amon-Ra St Brown and Trey Smith were all guys I knew and thought highly of HS recruits I wound up targeting and drafting.

Creed Humphrey was the starting center for Oklahoma in his first year when the won the Moore award. He also called all blocking assignments starting in his first game, State HS wrestling champ, great athletic testing but there’s never been a left handed center in NFL so he was ranked bottom of second round. I "overdrafted" him for the Jets at top second. He was taken at bottom of second by Chiefs, was a day one starter calling all blocking assignments and was PFF’s highest rated center in the entire NFL as a rookie. Football IQ is so under appreciated in draft evaluations IMO. Great offensive lines IMO are built not just on talent but communication. Creed was my proven QB for the off line. PTrey Smith a five star HS recruit, excellent and smart player as well. The analysts didn’t talk about it but he never practiced with the team in camp or season as a compromise because Tenn was concerned about liability with his medically cleared blood clots He just showed up on game day. Analysts said he had a sub par season failing to mention his practice restrictions. I think Eric Stokes was 7th ranked CB out of Georgia mocked at bottom of second. I had him as a potential star. A converted HS running back who still saw playing time as a freshman One of if not fastest 40 at combine. Analysts criticized him for not enough interceptions at Georgia, ball skills, failing to note his low target rate because he was so damn good. When He was picked by Packers I thought I’m screwed he’ll be playing opposite Jaire Alexander one of top corners in league if he plays. But Jaire has season ending injury in camp I believe and Stokes stepped in at CB1 and kills it. I took him where we took AVT, a CB mocked at bottom of second. Penei Sewell was a layup. Amon-Ra St Brown, WR, USC was highly sought recruit. stud coming out of HS. He stayed home at USC. As a true freshman he caught 60 or 70 passes. His Father was a former Mr. Universe. Dinged for running a 4.61 40 at combine. After a slow start wound up a top 12 NFL receiver and top 3 rookie with Chase, Waddle, Smith depending on stat Khalil Herbert RB, Bears, worst team for a RB to go. Wound up RB2 for 6 games due to injury and killed it Steal of draft. Rest I drafted some UDFA’s so enjoy the laughs. Stills was B12 conference Def player of year and not drafted wound up un IR as rookie but we’ll see. Cade Johnson, WR, South Dakota I think missed senior season due to COVID Killed it at combine, great college stats and All American pick at KR as a freshman Seahawks practice squad, we’ll see.

I’ve been very critical of the Jets drafts and GMs so I’ve posted mine and my first pick was Deshaun Watson, when we took Adams. Laughed at by 98% of GGN for taking a guy at #3 who went at #10 or #12. At least I post and open myself up to same scrutiny I give.

Pick # Year Player Pos Pick # College Draft Team/Last Status
2 2021 Penei Sewell OT 7 Oregon Lions/Lions Roster
14 2021 Eric Stokes CB 29 Georgia Packers/Packers Roster
34 2021 Creed Humphrey C 63 Oklahoma Chiefs/Chiefs Roster
107 2021 Amon-Ra St. Brown WR 112 USC Lions/Lions Roster
146 2021 Darius Stills DT UDFA West Virginia Raiders/Raiders IR
154 2021 Dave Moore OG UDFA Grambling State Panthers/Browns PS
175 2021 Trey Smith OG 226 Tennessee Chiefs/Chiefs Roster
186 2021 Israel Mukuama CB 227 South Carolina Cowboys/Cowboys Roster
200 2021 Khalil Herbert RB 217 Virginia Tech Bears/Bears Roster
207 2021 Cade Johnson WR UDFA South Dakota St Seahawks/Seahawks PS
2021 Trill Williams CB UDFA Syracuse Saints/Miami Roster

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