DMAC's Inaugural NFL Draft Cheat Sheet

DMAC's Inaugural NFL Draft Cheat Sheet

I created a google sheet with all of the position groups. I ignored run defense for EDGE defenders by accident. I may still add them in before the draft if I have time. I separated the position groups and only included a sufficient number for each position to comfortably assume that >95% of drafted players will be able to be found in these charts.

I also ordered all charts alphabetically as to make it easier to find the name of the player drafted during the draft. The only exception is the EDGE rusher chart, where it is sorted by RAS score.

They are all JPEGs, as to get me in less potential trouble with PFF and other data sources used to create these charts. If you want the raw data yourself, I highly recommend signing up for PFF's "Elite" subscription service which gives you access to a lot of their data. I believe they are currently running a 50% promotion for annual subscriptions.

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment on the google sheet itself, in the comment section here or wherever for feedback and suggestions.

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