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Jets Pre-Draft Podcast Mailbag

Oregon State v Oregon Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Today we have our weekly podcast mailbag. Thanks to everybody who sent in questions. A mailbag podcast can’t happen without mailbag questions. As usual, there were more great questions than there was time to answer all of them. If yours went unanswered, feel free to resubmit it for a future mailbag installment.

Today we discuss whether the Jets will pick Kayvon Thibodeaux if he is available when the team picks fourth overall. I do not think the answer to this is clear. We also discuss the idea of double dipping at edge rusher. This has pros and cons. How about drafting a running back early? Normally I would be opposed, but this year there are a few things that make me believe it could be a good idea for the Jets. Finally I discuss a few trade ideas.

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