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Report: Jets Re-Sign Conor McDermott

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are re-signing backup offensive lineman Conor McDermott to a one year contract. Ian Rapoport broke the story.

McDermott saw action late in the season after injuries piled up on the offensive line. He participated in 5 games, making 3 starts and playing 134 snaps on offense across multiple positions. He had a memorable touchdown catch against the Jaguars.

This isn’t really a big deal. It took multiple injuries for McDermott to get onto the field last year. If the Jets view him as one of the 90 best players for training camp, there is nothing to discuss. I just hope they don’t view him as viable depth. He wasn’t very effective last year, and I’ll just preemptively rebut the argument that I know is coming. Somebody is going to tell me his PFF grade is solid. An inordinate share of his positive grade comes from the game against Jacksonville where he barely played, and an inordinate share of the positive grade comes from the aforementioned touchdown catch.

So there’s probably nothing to be upset about, but I don’t think you can say this is a particularly good move by the Jets. McDermott will be 30 and lacks any sort of quality track record.