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Podcast: Showing Jets Special Teams Some Love`

NFL: New York Jets at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets signed a new kicker over the weekend, Greg Zuerlein. The ten year veteran gives the Jets a kicker with a proven NFL track record for the first time in Joe Douglas’ tenure. Hopefully after three years of bringing in non-prospects to kick, the role will gain some stability.

This move got me thinking. Special teams take up an appreciable number of plays in the NFL, but they are rarely discussed. On today’s podcast I discuss some of the key members of Jets special teams. Some are obvious such as the punter and Braxton Berrios. Others like Del’Shawn Phillips fly under the radar but have key roles. All of the players the Jets signing from other teams in free agency figure to have some sort of role on special teams as well. I discuss all of this on today’s show.

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