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Jets Bring Back QBs And Others Ahead Of New League Year

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The New York Jets have made multiple roster moves in the hours before the new NFL league year begins at 4 pm today.

In perhaps the most notable moves, the Jets, to nobody’s surprise, have brought back both backup quarterbacks. Mike White gets the original round tender as a restricted free agent. If another team signs him and the Jets choose not to match the offer, that team will have to give the Jets their 5th round draft pick in 2023. If he goes unsigned White stays a New York Jet for the price of $2.54 million.

Veteran Joe Flacco is also back on a one year, $3.5 million deal.

Kicker Eddie Pineiro gets the right of first refusal tender offer as a restricted free agent. If another team signs him the Jets have the right to retain Pineiro by matching the offer, but they will not get any compensation if they choose to let him go. Pineiro’s tender is for $2.4 million.

Backup offensive tackle Conor McDermott will be back on a one year deal worth $1.55 million. And last but not least, backup offensive guard Dan Feeney will be back on a one year deal, the terms of which have not been disclosed.

These moves are all roster fillers. The Jets need a 90 man roster, and these are guys the team is familiar with. The quarterbacks will both probably be on the team in 2022, though this isn’t set in stone. The rest of these players will be fighting for jobs with the Jets in the summer.