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Jets Trade Blake Cashman to the Texans for a 2023 Sixth Round Pick

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Bob Self / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jets are sending linebacker Blake Cashman to the Houston Texans for a sixth round pick in 2023 per Tom Pelissero.

Cashman was a fifth round pick by the Jets in 2019 out of Minnesota. His selection was arguably the highlight of his Jets career.

It’s not so much that he was bad. He was never on the field. Injuries limited him to 14 games across three seasons. He’s only played 36 defensive snaps combined in the last two years. There are some players whose bodies can’t hold up to the physicality of the NFL, and Cashman seems to be one of them.

A future sixth round pick isn’t much, but it’s pretty much a bonus for a player who is never actually on the field. I have no idea why the Texans would send the Jets any compensation. If they wanted Cashman so badly, they probably could have waited for him to be cut in a few months and picked him up then.

Free sixth round pick!