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Jets to Re-Sign Nathan Shepherd

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

The Jets are re-signing defensive tackle Nathan Shepherd per Tom Pelissaro.

My analysis of this move is: ????????????????????????????????

It’s an odd move. Shepherd was not a very effective lineman for the Jets, notably struggling against the run. He also managed to lead the team with seven penalties despite playing less than half the snaps.

I guess it’s a positive that the first truly confounding move of Jets free agency this year is such an inconsequential one. Shepherd is a rotational defensive lineman. I’m sure he did not command a particularly expensive deal. So there’s no reason to be upset by this. But there’s also no reason to think this was a good move. Depth is great, but the player actually has to be effective to be called depth.

In any event, Shepherd in unlikely fashion has earned a distinction. He is the rare Mike Maccagnan Draft pick to earn a second contract with the Jets.