AGOP ..Like butter baby, Hogeys on a roll..

Ok, this is my first time doing this, so hopefully I don't mess up too bad. Where is the edit button again??

I will start with a Trade, I'm cashing in on George Fants(11 million) value, trading him to the Chicago Bears for pick number 71 in the 3rd round.

Next up are Cuts. Say bye bye to: Sheldon rankins(5.4 million) GVR(3.5 million) Ryan Griffin(3 million) Justin Hardee(2 million). Also leaving at lower rates: edoga, perine, Cashman, Wesco, nacua, ty johnson, cam Clark(retired), and Zuniga.

Total cap space now at 79 million.

On to Free Agency, I'm going heavy here:

Marcus Williams 5 years 85 million, 55 guaranteed, 17 per year.

Austin Corbett 4 years 40 million, 24 guaranteed, 10 per year.

Joseph Noteboom 4 years 32 million, 18 guaranteed, 8 per year.

Durham Smythe 3 years 21 million, 16 guaranteed. 7 per year.

Arden Key 2 years 11 million, 7 guaranteed, 5.5 per year.

Younghoe Koo 4 years 5 million. 17 guaranteed, 5 per year.

Cedrick Wilson jr. 3 years 24 million, 16 guaranteed, 8 per year.

Boston Scott 1 year 1 million.

Re-signings: here we go,

Tevin Coleman 1 year 1 million

Connor McDermott 1 year 1 million

Mike White 5th round tender, 2.4 million

Joe Flacco 1 year 4 million

LaMarcus Joyner 1 year 2 million

Dan Feeney 1 year 1 million

Nick Bawden 1 year 950k

All of this leaves roughly 17-18 million in cap space.

On to the Draft:

1-. Sauce Gardner CB.

1-10. Travon walker, DE.

2-35. Jahan Dotson WR.

2-38. Trey Mcbride TE.

3-69. Kerby Joseph S.

3-71. David Bell WR.

4-110. Jerome Ford RB.

4-116. Braxton Jones T.

5-146. Cameron Jurgens C/G.

5-163. DJ Davidson DT.

Ok, we are adding big to the defense. Sauce is a number 1 lockdown corner who excels in both press man and zone coverage, he can take away the opposing offenses number 1 option. Marcus williams is an elite safety and we are gonna pay him like one, he's great in deep coverage and can also line up and play in man coverage as well. I was able to land Kerby Joseph in the 3rd round, I really like this kid, he's very good in coverage as well.

On the defensive line, we land travon walker in the first round, he's really good against the run and still developing as a pass rusher, he fits this scheme pretty well. DJ Davidson in the 5th round and Arden key as a free agent to help with the d-line rotation.

The only area I couldn't address on the defense was linebacker, you can't fix everything, and hopefully after next year we will have more space to work with when mosley is gone.

Onto the offense, I'm getting my boy Zach Wilson some weapons starting with Durham Smythe as a safety blanket, he's a really good,seldom used tightend, I'm betting on him. Cedrick wilson, there were alot of ways this could go in free agency I opted for the bigger bodied versatile guy, he's 6'2 and 200 lbs but is very quick. In the draft, jahan Dotson has some of the strongest hands this year and is also a good route runner, sets up defenders really well, great speed, inside and outside versatile. Trey mcbride fits this scheme perfectly, easy selection in the 2nd. David bell, my boy, not the fastest guy but one of the most technically refined recievers available this year, all he does is get open and make catches, absolute steal in round 3. Jerome Ford is another guy I love in this draft, fast running back with really good size. Added some big time depth along the o-line in Braxton Jones and Cameron jurgens, Austin corbett will start at right guard and Joe noteboom at right tackle, I really hope mekhi Becton is back full strength this year. Boston Scott is a little tank, he can do it all, run, catch, punt/kick return, really like this kid.

Last but not least, what does every team with a young quarterback need, a great kicker, I'm opening up the wallet big time for this guy, Younghoe Koo, he's an absolute machine and a must have for the JETS.

QB. Wilson, Flacco, White.

RB. Carter, Ford, Coleman, Scott.

WR. Moore, David, Dotson, Bell, Wilson, Mims.

TE. Smythe, Mcbride, Kraft, Yeboah.

OT. Becton, Noteboom, Jones, McDermott.

OG. AVT, Corbett, feeney, jurgens.

OC. McGovern, Jurgens, Feeney.

DE. Lawson, Walker, Huff, Key, Anne.

DT. Williams, JFM, Davidson, Marshall.

LB. Moseley, Williams, Sherwood, Nasrilideen.

CB. Sauce, Hall, MC2, Echols, Dunn.

S. Williams, Joseph, Riley, Pinnock.

K. Koo

P. Mann

LS. Hennessey

Thank you guys, I'm ready to be ridiculed, I hope you enjoyed it, this is extremely time consuming.

And 1 more thing, Yowizeguy, I made sure I'm getting my 10k internets with Sauce at 4, lol.

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