AGOP Building the Depth with Tier 2 FA's

Starting Cap 48,536,765

Cuts - Rankins ,GVR, Griffin, Chuma, Perine, Clark, Cashman ,Nacua, Ty Johnson, Zuniga, Moffatt, Isaiah Williams .

Cap after cuts 68,392,563


Justin Hardee 2 yrs + 1 voidable yr 2mil ,500k sign bonus

Cap hit 1,466,666 New cap 69,011,191

Connor McGovern 3yrs +2voidyears 30mil ,18mil sign bonus

Cap hit 1st yr 6,933,334 Newcap 72,411,191

George Fant 2yrs +2voidyrs 23mil, 15 sign bonus

1st year cap hit 8,500,000. New cap 75,014,132

We are rewarding two lineman and a special teamer to promote being a Jet.

Free Agency

Tyler Kroft - 2 yrs 2.5 mil, 500k sign bonus ,Cap hit 1.25.

Tevin Coleman -2yrs ,3mil ,1mil sign bonus ,Cap hit 1.5

Lamarcus Joyner - 1yr+ 1void yr 2.5 mil ,sign bonus 1mil ,cap hit 2mil

Eddie Pinero - 1 yr 1,225,000 cap hit

Dan Feeney 1 yr +1 voidable yr 3 mil, 2 mil sign bonus ,cap hit 2 mil

Will Parks 1 yr 1.25

Joe Flacco 1yr +1 voidable yr 3mil , 2mil bonus ,cap hit 2mil

Mike White 2 yrs +1 voidable yr 4.5 mil, 2.5 sign bonus , cap hit 1,833,333

Total new cap hit after. Resigning are own. 67,139,479

New Free Agents

TE - Maxx Williams 27yrs old - 3yrs+1void 21 mil, 10 mil sign bonus cap hit 6.5 mil , excellent Blocking and recieving TE who holds the fort for a rookie. Space- 61,534,479

RG- Andrew Norwell 30 yrs old- 2yrs+1void 12 mil, 5 mil sign bonus, cap hit 5,666,666 , leader for the line ,consistent player ,Stopgap for future pick. Space- 56,762,813

T/G - Tyrell Crosby 26 yrs old-1 yr +1 void 3mil, 1.5 mil bonus, cap hit 2,250,000 , Former lions starter at RT, has played LT and G also. Consistently grades in mid /high 60's PFF , decent swing tackle.

WR - Russell Gage 26 yrs old- 3yrs +1void 27 mil, 12 mil sign bonus, cap hit 8 mil a yr . Solid #2/3 wr ,plays slot and outside. Catches close to 70% ball, solid numbers the last two years as Falcons #1/2 Reciever , Space 48,302, 817

S- Jordan Whitehead 25yrs old- 3 yrs +1 void 30 mil, 15 mil sign bonus , cap hit 8,750,000. Young good safety to build on solid against run and pass.

Edge - Dante Fowler Jr 27 yrs old - 2yrs + 1 void 11 mil, 5 mil sign bonus , cap hit 4,666,666. Situational pass rusher ,part of the rotation. Space 36,676,147


Jets send Javelin Guidry ,pick 163 and a 2023 5th to the Giants for CB James Bradberry who extends with Jets for 3 years.

CB - James Bradberry 29 yrs old - 3 yrs +1 void 30 mil, 15 mil sign bonus , cap hit 8,850,000 . Saleh gets his Sherman corner. Space- 27,826,147

FB Andy Janovich 28 yrs old- 2 yrs+1 void , 6mil , sign bonus 3mil, cap hit 2.5 mil. Lafleur gets his Juszcyk FB for the O. Space - 26,221, 147

LB Rashaan Evans 27 yrs old - 2 yr +1 void , 10 mil, 5 mil sign bonus , cap hit 4,166,666 . Good lateral speed lb, plays run and can cover . Space 22 ,949,481

RB Marlon Mack 26 yrs old- 2yrs +1 void , 5mil, 1.5 sign bonus, cap hit 1.75 . Swing for the fences here on a solid 1B RB. Space - 22,094,481

DT Sheldon Richardson- 2 yr+1 void, 5 mil. 3mil sign bonus, cap hit 2 mil . Run stuffer and has some pass rush ability, Former Jet comes home( JB loves him). Space 20,994, 481.

Everything to this point was done using OTC Jets salary cap calculator.

Draft #4, #10, 35, 38, 69,110,116, 146

Draft and cap space for rookies and practice squad 20,994,481

#4 Edge Travon Walker - Georgia - Raw but athletically gifted ,Speed ,solid against the run.

#10 trade to Philly , Jets get #19, #83 , #166 and a 2023 3rd Philly moves up For London.

#19 WR Jameson Williams - Alabama- The best reciever in this draft, ahead of schedule on injury and will be ready come October . Jets can wait we are Building.

#35 TE Trey McBride - Colorado St- Best Recieving TE in this draft ,Zachs new best friend .

#38 S Jaquan Brisker - Penn St- Beast of a Safety will immediately transform the secondary

#69 WR Calvin Austin III - Memphis - Can do it all return kicks , slot ,outside and Speed

#83 RT Rasheed Walker - Penn St. 6'6 325 , moves well for a big guy , ,good run blocker . Has potential to be a solid starter. ,Bench learns under Fant.

#110 LB Troy Andersen - Montana St. Draft climber ,solid 3 down Fast LB

TRADE Jets send #116 to Baltimore for picks # 127, and 198

#127 DT Neil Farrell Jr - LSU 6'4 325 runstuffer who also can penetrate on pass rush

#146 RB James Cook Georgia - A Darren Sproles type back with Speed .Home run hitter with run or pass and can return kicks.

#166 C Cam Jurgens Nebraska - 6'3 310 center for the future and grooming interior line.

#198 G - Cade Mays - Tennessee - 6'5 325, seems to be slipping in the draft, but we take a mauler who has more potential then this pick. Could be a huge steal .More interior lineman to groom

Depth Chart

QB - Wilson , White , Flacco

RB- Carter , Mack, Coleman ,Cook

FB Janovich ,Wesco

WR Moore, Davis ,Gage , Austin, Mims ,Smith , Williams( moves up when healthy)

TE Williams ,McBride ,Kroft ,Yeaboah

OT - Becton, Fant ,Crosby ,Walker ,

G - AVT, Norwell, Feeney ,Samia, Mays ,

C McGovern , Jurgens

Edge Lawson ,Walker, Fowler ,Huff , Anae

DT Williams ,JFM, Richardson, Farrell Jr, Marshall

LB Mosley, Evans, Anderson, Sherwood, Nasirildeen,Williams , Phillips, Rasheed

CB Bradberry ,Hall ,Carter , Echols ,Dunn, Hardee ,Pinnock Wildgoose

S Whitehead, Brisker, Joyner, Parks ,Pinnock,Davis,

K Pinero, P Mann LS Hennessey

Returners Cook ,Austin, Gage

Well this is the first one I've done and I've been a member here a long time. This roster has potential to take Jets to at least 500 and with next draft room for more solid picks . Plenty of cap space for Jets to resign and add Premier FA's next year once this team starts Winning or showing they are ready to win. Feel free to Criticize lol. Was time consuming and fun . Thanks 45.

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