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Podcast: Remembering the Times the Jets Beat Tom Brady

Divisional Playoffs - New York Jets v New England Patriots

As you likely heard, Tom Brady announced his retirement this week.

Brady tormented the Jets for two decades. He will always be tied to the Jets because an injury Drew Bledsoe suffered in an early 2001 game inserted Brady into the starting lineup for the Patriots. He would remain there for twenty years for numerous battles with the Jets.

More often than not he prevailed in these matchups. However, there were moments where the Jets got the better of him. When these rare victories happened, it was fun to be a Jets fan.

On today’s podcast go through the years and describe the victories the Jets had over Tom Brady. Some of these happened in games of importance. Some happened in seasons where the Jets surprised. One even happened in the Playoffs with everything on line. Hopefully this will be a fun trip down memory lane.

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