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The Offseason Plan to Improve the Jets

A full scale makeover to become a playoff contender

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It’s time for me to have some fun by putting my New York Jets GM hat on to rebuild the Jets in my image in a single year. It’s nearly an impossible task but I am willing to try. If you are out there Joe Douglas, take some notes or just keep the URL handy so as to reference moves you might like to make.

I’m doing this roster rebuild super early so things will probably change over time. They always do. With the info I have now this will be my best effort of what I think I can accomplish. Many of the free agents available will probably be re-signed by their teams but we have no idea which players will or won’t be re-signed. For this exercise we will just assume that none will be re-signed, or at least not the ones I sign for the Jets.

It’s not going to be pretty. I’m going to have to change some schemes the Jets use on defense. It has to be done. The Jets were horrific on defense, giving up 504 points which is 45 more points than any other team. They allowed an average of 398 yards a game which again was last in the league. This from a defense that was fairly healthy all year. Yeah, they lost some players in training camp, but that was before the season even started.

To transform this defense we are going to let some fan favorite players go. It has to happen, as some do not fit the new scheme. We will bring a few of the Jets free agents back, those who we believe can be a help to this renaissance. We will also bring in some hand-picked free agents as well. Not a lot, I refuse to overpay players to come to play in New York. It should be deemed a privilege to play for the Jets and their marvelous, insightful fans.

I very much prefer to draft the players, then watch as they grow into Pro Bowl types. Then pay them instead of some player from another team. I think it shows players that a GM is willing to pay for great performance. By paying your own players it’s kind of like setting up a performance bonus system that only your players can use. It builds harmony within the team, a sense of team unity and a feeling like everyone is working for the same goals. That includes front office types as well as the players, coaches and support staff.

The salary cap floor requires that the Jets must average using 89% of the NFL salary cap. That is an average over a 5 year period, so the Jets need to be at a little over $185 million in salary cap for this year. I want to drop some high-priced players, then bring in other players better for our team. The salary cap may balloon up another $48 million in just two years (as per Over The Cap). So I have to spend some money this year to avoid being well under the cap in a few years. I don’t foresee me spending recklessly in the future, nor do I want to.

The Jets have a total of 23 free agents from their 2021 roster. I am going to tender contracts to only 9 of them. Probably only 8 of them will make the final roster.

Jets free agents resigned:

Folorunso Fatukasi DT 3years/$18.5 million

Fatukasi was 4th in ESPN’s run stop win rate metric. He was also 4th in tackles in the NFL among defensive tackles with 46. Foley also fits into the new defensive scheme I am devising for the Jets. I also like to reward home grown talent. He appears to be well liked as a teammate, with a new contract Foley can take on more of a leadership role.

Morgan Moses OT 2 years/$15 million

Moses was solid if unspectacular as a member of the Jets his first year. He can play both tackle spots if needed, plus he has been a positive voice in the locker room. With Mekhi Becton’s injury history it might be smart to have another solid player as a potential swing tackle. Worst case scenario is that Becton doesn’t come back to a level the Jets would like. The best case scenario is Becton comes back recharged and dominant and the Jets trade Moses to an OT needy team which has playoff hopes but incurs an OT injury.

Keelan Cole WR 2 years/$10 million

Cole came to the Jets last year from Jacksonville and became the Jets 4th or 5th receiver. I want to bring him back because he is in the prime of his career and he has complete knowledge of the Jets system now. Zach Wilson has some familiarity with Cole, and Cole provides some special teams value. Cole can play outside or in the slot, he is an insurance policy if the Jets get a rash of wide receiver injuries. The Jets could guarantee the first year of the contract so that if the Jets need the roster space for another receiver next year he wouldn’t cost the Jets if he was let go.

Mike White QB - RFA 2nd round tender

Mike White is a restricted free agent. The Jets can sign him to a contract, tender him a contract or offer him a right of first refusal contract. The 2nd round tender is worth about $3.5 million if White stays with the Jets. He can be signed by another team and if the Jets don’t match the offer they would receive that team’s 2nd round pick in the 2022 NFL draft. If the Jets gave White a 1st round tender then they would receive a team’s 1st round pick if he were signed. If he was not signed the Jets would have to give White a contract of nearly $5 million.

Kyle Phillips DE - RFA 2nd round tender

Same as with Mike White above.

Greg Senat OT RFA right of first refusal

1 year $895,000

If Senat signs with another club the Jets have the right to match the offer. If they don’t match the offer they receive no compensation from that team.

Jeff Smith WR - ERFA

Smith is an exclusive rights free agent. He cannot sign with another team and the Jets can offer him a contract of $895,000. It’s a single year contract

Javelin Guidry CB - ERFA

Same deal as Jeff Smith

Tim Ward DE - ERFA

Same deal as above.

Braxton Berrios

Berrios deserves a mention here. He was great for the Jets as a returner, which is a skill set that is unique but also very erratic. Deion Sanders was the epitome of the returner but still got payed because of his defensive abilities. Berrios is a nice player but he is not close to being Deion Sanders. He had a career year. A smart GM doesn’t pay players for their career years. That would be foolish. Barrios had 46 receptions for 431 yards and 2 TDs. He had a single kickoff return for a TD. That production does not deserve a huge contract.

Players released

Sheldon Rankins saving $5.4 million in cap space

Greg Van Roten saving $3.5 million in cap space

Ryan Griffin saving $3 million in cap space

Justin Hardee saving $2 million in cap space

Players traded

George Fant OT - to the Kansas City Chiefs for pick #62 in the 2022 draft and a 4th round pick in 2023. Fant had a career year so the Jets are capitalizing on that. He allowed only a single sack but his run blocking was below par. The trade saves $10.1 million in cap space and allows Mekhi Becton to resume being the left tackle for the Jets. Kansas City will need a new left tackle, they currently have only $14.4 million left on their cap space with only 39 players under contract. Their left tackle Orlando Brown is a free agent and will want big money; franchising him would take most of that cap space. They mostly want to keep their half billion dollar QB from getting injured. Fant could be there 3 or 4 years, run blocking is a far second to pass protection for the Chiefs.

Quinnen Williams DT - to the Las Vegas Raiders for pick #86 and a 3rd round pick in 2023. Williams is a very good player who doesn’t fit the defensive scheme of my new defense. Since I wasn’t going to pick up his 5th year option I figured I would get multiple picks rather than hope for a single compensatory selection in 2023. I could have suggested a 2nd round pick in return but I wanted to be as realistic as possible.

Chuma Edoga - to the Philadelphia Eagles for a conditional 2023 seventh round pick. If Edoga doesn’t make the team or the practice squad the Jets get nothing.

I don’t like to load up on free agents but they do fill holes immediately. I will be looking for some special players who can fill needs that are hard to find plus some areas that need a veteran touch.

Free agents signed:

Dalton Schultz TE 4 years/$54 million

The tight end position is one of the most difficult to fill with a quality player. Schultz has to be a weapon in the passing game as well as in the run game with his blocking. Only a few players fit that bill so the Jets take the deep dive into the free agent abyss. There will be many suitors for Mr. Schultz’s services, so this signing is counting on Joe’s ability to sell along with a few extra dollars to sweeten the deal. I realize this is a move espoused by many. It just seems to make too much sense not to be a viable Jets alternative.

MyCole Pruitt TE 3 years/$4 million

Pruitt I have felt is a long under used player. He has long arms, is super athletic. runs a 4.58/40 and is a decent blocker as well. He is now 30 years old so he can be a rotational player for a few more years at bargain prices.

Marcus Williams FS 5 years/$72 million

The Jets have forced themselves into a move like this with poor drafting (Ashtyn Davis) and by trading Jamal Adams and not re-signing Marcus Maye. Not to say either of those choices were bad moves, it’s just they have no good players available to take their spots. Robert Saleh likes to play a single high safety a lot. This requires a heady player on the back end. I will be drafting some great prospects at safety but you can’t play a raw rookie by himself covering the entire back end. That is a recipe for disaster, so the Jets need to find a suitable replacement. Safeties are expensive, so if you are going to spend the money you might as well get quality. Williams is still young (not even 26 years old yet). He can play in any defensive system and he has been durable. Another move many have also touted, with the dire need the Jets have here, it’s one of the few quality solutions.

Daquan Jones DT 2 years/$8 million

Jones has been a solid DT since he entered the league. He has great size at 6’ 4 320 lbs and he should be solid in my new 2-gapping defense. He will be looking to stop the run and push the pocket from the middle of the line on pass plays. He will also help keep our linebackers clean to make plays.

Kyzir White ILB 3 years/$21.5 million

White will be one of the linebackers Jones will be keeping clean. White is a player I was hoping the Jets would draft out of West Virginia where he was a team captain and unquestioned leader. White has speed and coverage skills. He made 144 tackles last year which was 8th in the NFL in 2021, but he also had a couple of INTs and forced fumbles. White is a playmaker and a great tackler. He will be a leader on the defense while helping our atrocious pass defense.

D.J. Reed CB 3 years/$25 Million

Reed is a little smaller than you might want at 5’ 9”, but he is a tough kid who made 78 tackles with Seattle last year. He played in a lot of cover 3 but also was solid in man to man situations. He is young (25 years old), but he has 4 years of experience with two years playing for Saleh in San Francisco. He would slide right into a starting CB position and he could be a mentor to the young CBs in the Saleh system. You need at least one solid corner in your secondary. Reed would make the unit as a whole much better.

Anthony Barr LB Not a red cent

Barr is a free agent who can go pound sand. The thought of him playing for the Jets gives me acid reflux. I don’t forget those who betray the Jets.

NFL Draft

It is not an overestimation to say that this is the pivotal draft for Joe Douglas as GM of the Jets. The Jets have plenty of draft capital (they are about to have more with my plan) and the Jets really need to start showing some improvements in certain areas. Potential is a dirty word to me. I want to see viable results on the field. Joe is 13-36 since he took over, but that counts the 7-9 season he took over after the NFL draft. He is really 6-27 since his first full draft class and free agency.

This will only be his 3rd draft class but his 4th year as GM. Many of the moves Douglas has tried haven’t worked out. He has escaped much ridicule because he hasn’t made the big mistakes his predecessors have made. This offseason will be vital to the team. If progress is not made then confidence in the Jets will deteriorate even further.

Douglas was brought in as GM to stabilize the franchise from the carnage that was Mike Maccagnan. Douglas did a good job of getting rid of some horrendous players/contracts that held the Jets back. But Douglas was brought in for his draft wisdom, and that hasn’t shown through as of yet. I have been very critical of some of his choices while he let some good players slip by.

The Mekhi Becton choice was pivotal as he chose a big tackle as the cornerstone of the rebuilding of the Jets offensive line. I had serious questions about a man that size being quick enough for NFL edge rushers. In addition, any player over 335 lbs in my estimation could develop a weight problem that could balloon up or cause knee, ankle or back problems. Once you have a leg problem at 365 lbs it is tough to recover and get back on the field quickly. Also at that weight and height it is very hard to move that much beef to guard not only the edge but counters inside. It’s difficult for most players of any size, but the larger you are the more troublesome it is to guard against the speed, strength and quickness of edge rushers.

I had Tristan Wirfs ahead of Becton on my draft board as a better run/pass blocker and he was a very high character person as well. Now Wirfs has an All-Pro award under his belt and Becton played one half of one game in 2021. There were also questions about the Ashtyn Davis, Jabari Zuniga and James Morgan selections. I thought his bottom three selections of Clark, Hall and Mann were worth the gamble in those later rounds but that is little consolation when you may have missed on your highest valued picks.

In the 2021 draft Zach Wilson was a no brainer selection but the trade of two 3rd round picks to move up for Alijah Vera-Tucker was a head scratcher. The Jets were coming off a 2 win season and needed a lot of help. You don’t get that by trading 3 picks for 1 in the draft for a guard. The Jets could have stayed where they were, selected Christian Darrisaw (who is a left tackle) then used those two picks to move up into the 2nd round and select a future center in Creed Humphrey who went at #63. Darrisaw had a slow start to the year with core muscle surgery but finished the season strong ranking higher than the Jets’ tackles on PFF.

Our draft would have been Wilson, Darrisaw, Moore, Humphrey and Carter which would have been looked back upon in later years as the start of the Jets return to respectability. Humphrey was the #1 rated center this year and if you added Wirfs the year before the Jets would have been on their way. Whether the fact that Becton was a left tackle and Wirfs considered a right tackle played a part in decisions is unclear. If it was it was a mistake because you never draft a player of lower grades over one of a higher grade based on what position they play on the line. It’s how you make huge mistakes.

The New York Jets 2022 NFL Draft

Anything can happen in this NFL draft with the murkiness of the QB grades. There will be teams falling in love with some of these prospects after the combine. This is a preliminary draft since it’s months away from the real draft, many draft grades will change with how teams look at certain players between now and then.

I know this scenario would never happen but we shall see.

The draft begins with the Jaguars selecting the offensive tackle from Alabama, Evan Neal. Detroit follows by taking hometown hero Aiden Hutchinson. Houston surprises some by taking the CB from LSU Derek Stingley with the third pick.

The Jets get a call from Joe Douglas’ old friends, the Philadelphia Eagles, who want/need an edge rusher bad and view Kayvon Thibodeaux as a generational talent. They offer Joe Douglas two of their first round choices, #16 and #19, but Joe refuses. The Eagles counter with #15 and #19. Joe accepts and the deal goes through. Joe didn’t want the Eagles choosing at #15 right in front of him, thus the declining of the original offer.

When the Jets pick comes up again at #10 Joe Douglas gets another call, this time from the Pittsburgh Steelers, who value Kenny Pickett (who they saw every day on the practice field). The Steelers want to trade up ahead of the Washington Commanders who also are looking for a QB. I know it was written that the Steelers like QB prospect Malik Willis better That was a ruse. The Steelers offer their #20 pick along with #52 plus a 3rd round selection in 2023. Joe Douglas accepts the trade.

So the Jets trade down twice inside the first ten picks and await what is available to them at #15 which is now their first pick.

At #15 the Jets select LB Devin Lloyd from Utah, 6’ 3” 235 lbs

Lloyd is a do it all player who was a team captain and ran the defense for a couple of years. Coaches rave about his abilities and intangibles. He is smart and hard working. Lloyd had 111 tackles in 14 games with 22 TFL, 7 sacks, 4 INTs and 2 pick sixes. He can cover and he can tackle. Lloyd will play beside Kyzir White, giving the Jets two outstanding cover/tackling LBs.


With that selection the Baltimore Ravens cement a deal with the Jets they talked about earlier, with the Jets sending ILB C.J. Mosley back to Baltimore, along with $5 million in salary cap relief, in exchange for two 4th round selections. Baltimore has four 4th round selections in this draft and use two to secure the services of Mosley. The Ravens defense disappointed in 2021. Tyus Bowser, their starting weakside linebacker, tore his achilles tendon in the final game of the year and may be hobbled to start the year at least. The Ravens will slide Josh Bynes over to WSLB and Mosley will move in next to Patrick Queen at LILB. Mosley brings ability plus leadership to the Ravens defense.

With the 19th pick the Jets select Jermaine Johnson DE/Edge from FSU, 6’ 5” 260 lbs

Johnson is the Jets’ new version of an edge rusher. He is strong with well defined muscle in his upper and lower body. He doesn’t have the bend of many top edge rushers but he is stronger. Johnson will hold the edge in the run game while showing some impressive strength and moves rushing the passer. He was a monster at FSU once he had a chance to play. He had 70 tackles (which is amazing for an edge player), 12 sacks and 18 TFL.

With the 20th pick the Jets select Zion Johnson C/G from Boston College, 6’ 3” 316 lbs

Johnson was impressive with his power in the run game but also his ability to anchor in pass sets. He is a two time captain. Johnson is smart, hard working and has worked at playing center.

With the 35th pick the Jets select Daxton Hill FS Michigan, 6’ 0” 192 lbs

Hill is smart with great speed to cover sideline to sideline. He can work alongside new teammate Marcus Williams forming a solid duo on the backend. Hill is also well schooled in coverage in the slot or over tight ends. He can be used all over the defense if necessary.

With the 38th pick the Jets select Kenyon Green G Texas A&M, 6’ 4” 325 lbs

The Jets surprise with this pick but view Green as a cornerstone type player on the offensive line. Green played four different offensive line positions in 2021. He has great power and an impressive combination of speed and agility. He was the highest rated player on the Jets’ board. Green will be part of an exciting new offensive line for the Jets.

With the 52nd pick the Jets select Lewis Cine SS Georgia, 6’ 1” 200 lbs

Cine is a devastating hitter who can bring the wood as a box safety. He has excellent speed to race around and make plays. He can also be used as a third down linebacker without giving up much in terms of toughness.

With the 62nd pick the Jets select Travis Jones DT Uconn, 6’ 5” 335 lbs

Jones is a beast who was often triple teamed at Connecticut. He is a powerful player who can two gap with the best players in the NFL. Jones will form a tandem with Foley Fatukasi along with newcomer Daquan Jones to form a rotational group who stop the run and push the pocket in the passing game. This group will power the line back into the backfield and not allow the QB to step up or sneak from the pocket. In the run game the linebackers will remain clean to race sideline to sideline making plays. They can also drop into coverage without a huge risk of the QB racing for a first down.

With the 69th pick the Jets select Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State, 6’ 5” 252 lbs

A speed and power player who can open holes in the run game while running the seam or curl routes in the passing game. He was under-used at Ohio State with all the weapons they had at their disposal. With 4 TEs on the roster Ruckert will have time to acclimate to the NFL while being an asset in the run game.

With the 86th pick the Jets select Damone Clark OLB/ILB LSU, 6’ 3” 245 lbs

A raw player with immense physical talent Clark will learn from Robert Saleh how to dominate from the linebacker position. He will begin as a special teams maven and sub package player in 2022. His physical gifts were too much to let pass by here.

With the 110th pick the Jets select Calvin Austin III WR Memphis, 5’ 9” 165 lbs

Austin is an impossible cover from the slot. He has tremendous speed but also ankle breaking cuts in and out of patterns. He will force the defense to shade a safety to his side of the field or face a splash play. He can line up anywhere, he is a tough kid who can turn a short pass into a game breaking play.

With the 116th pick the Jets select Kellen Diesch OT Arizona State, 6’ 7” 300 lbs

Deisch played in a pro style offense, he has great length and movement skills. Country strong, Deisch looks more like a tight end than an offensive tackle. He would be great in the Jets run game, he will work with the strength coach in 2022 to gain some weight while keeping his great movement abilities. He is a developmental prospect who can become a swing tackle or move into a starting role.

With the 139th pick the Jets select Tyler Badie RB Missouri, 5’ 8” 194 lbs

A player with excellent speed, great contact balance, soft hands and superior toughness. He is a perfect runner for the Jets’ wide zone scheme, as he is a one cut runner with fantastic acceleration. Badie handled 516 rushing attempts with just 2 fumbles. He also works in the passing game. Badie had 126 receptions for over 1,000 yards and 11 TDs in his career.

With the 141st pick the Jets select Alec Pierce WR Cincinnati, 6’ 2 3/4” 208 lbs

Pierce is what I call “a little big receiver” as he is nearly 6’ 3” but gets in and out of breaks very well. He has 4.40/40 speed with great hands. He can play that Julien Edelman role. Pierce may not be as prolific to start but he has more ability to run intermediate routes. Pierce can be an outside threat but also a security blanket for Zach Wilson. He’s a smart kid, and a team player who will do what is necessary to win.

With the 146th pick the Jets select Damarion Williams CB Houston, 5’ 10” 180 lbs

Williams is a diminutive corner with quickness and great ball skills. He is able to close quickly on routes and is a plus tackler. Williams’ smaller size and length are his only negatives, which may make him a candidate as a slot corner although I believe he can handle himself very well as an outside corner.

With the 163rd the Jets select Damion Daniels DT Nebraska, 6’ 3” 335 lbs

Daniels was a Nebraska team captain and a mainstay on the defensive line. He has great length (34 1/2”) with power to push the pocket or 2 gap. He will be a block eating player who will make it tough on an offense to run anywhere near him. He will add to the rotational defensive line unit and develop into a leader on the defense as a whole.

Some UDFA Players I would like the Jets to bring in as well

Velus Jones WR Tennessee, 6’ 0” 203 lbs

Jones has some superior speed and elusiveness. He can be a 5th receiver but also a return specialist. He has 122 career kick off returns (24.4 ave with 2 TDs) and 18 punt returns in 2021 (15.1 average with 2 TDs). He would be great with bubble screens and slip screens. Jones played 6 years of college ball and will turn 25 before training camp so I doubt a team uses a draft pick on him. This is why I love undrafted fre agents, you can take guys you normally don’t select.

Tayland Humphrey DT Louisiana, 6’ 5” 335 lbs

Humphrey needs to learn how to shed blocks better to make plays. He is a massive man with power but needs to refine his skills. A place on the practice squad as he learns would be a great place to start his career. He could be an injury call up if needed.

Alexander Horvath RB Purdue, 6’ 3” 230 lbs

The Jets currently have little size at the running back position. Horvath was a monster in 2020, playing in a 6 game season due to the pandemic. Horvath averaged about 15 carries a game with a 5 yard average, and he caught 30 passes for over 300 yards. He came back in 2021 when many thought he would go into the draft, but Horvath broke his fibula early in 2021, which destroyed his season. When he came back Horvath lacked the power he had earlier. Horvath reminds me a little of Mike Alstott from back in 1995. He would be a steal if he was even a fraction of a Mike Alstott.

Dane Belton S Iowa, 6’ 1” 205 lbs

Belton played all over the field for the Hawkeyes and made plays wherever he was. He will be overlooked like past Iowa safeties like Amani Hooker (Titans) and Geno Stone (Ravens) because of his versatility. He didn’t play in a traditional safety position but rather in a robber type position. He would be a great special teamer and a player who could be a backup on the 3rd level of the defense. Like all Iowa safeties he is smart and well coached.

Logan Bonner QB Utah State, 6’ 1” 230 lbs

Bonner spent 4 years at Arkansas State before transferring to Utah State. He has a solid arm with good accuracy. He will need some heavy coaching as he can stare down receivers and will struggle with NFL defenses. Bonner can live on the practice squad and learn the offense. He would be an emergency injury call up.

Isaac Moore OT Temple, 6’6” 305 lbs

Moore is an athletic tackle with good length. He will need substantial work with coaches to get onto the field. Moore is a perfect practice squad candidate. He can be available along with Greg Senat on the practice squad as possibilities in case of an injury disaster at the tackle position.

There it is, the rebuilding of the Jets in a single season. I don’t pronounce the Jets playoff contenders after a single year but as they grow together as a team I could see them making serious noise in 2023.

I changed the defense from an attacking defensive line to a powerful run stuffing pocket crushing defensive line. Last year showed you the problem with single gapping without superior players like an Aaron Donald to work with. If you can effectively stop the run you make a team one dimensional, which is what a defense wants. Now you can play games with blitzing and stunts to put pressure on the QB. This defense will give the QB nowhere to run and no room to step up in the pocket. It’s a collapsing the pocket type defense instead of a wild all out assault defense with little discipline.

I know some of you will not like the defensive line change. That’s okay it’s just a personal choice which type of line you like. Many will wonder why I would trade away one of the Jets’ better players for a couple of draft picks, but Williams didn’t fit on the new line scheme and I wasn’t going to re-sign him to a new contract. Even if we let him go in free agency the most we could possibly get in return is a 3rd round compensatory pick. Here I received two third round picks with one used this year.

Some will be upset with what I have done with the offensive line. The trading of George Fant will not go over well. Fant had a career year but still was a below average run blocker. I’m sorry but I want more. If Mekhi Becton doesn’t work out we will move on from him. We won’t know if he has the ability to play unless he plays. You are not going to find out about him with Fant playing. The Saleh statement that he has to win the job is just coaches speak. If Fant starts at left tackle then Becton is all but done with the Jets and now you have also crushed his trade value.

What I have done with the offensive line is make it stronger. You now have 3 viable above average starters at guard, a spot that has been a disaster for years now. Johnson can also double as a backup center who (with work) can move over to that position next year. I had 2 great guard prospects that can both be franchise type foundation pieces for the next decade. Why not get both? ATV can also play tackle like he did in college although I would have him move to the right side. This gives you Becton, Moses, ATV and Diesch at the tackle position if needed. Also if one of the guards goes down with an injury you have a viable starter level replacement instead of a player who is a turnstile which ruins your offense and can get your young QB injured. This gives you great versatility in case of injury at all spots on the line.

Extra picks added in the future

2023 3rd round (LV Raiders), 3rd round (Steelers), 4th round (Chiefs), 7th round (Eagles)

The Jets unofficial roster:

QB- Zach Wilson, Mike White

RB- Michael Carter, Ty Johnson, Tyler Badie, (one of) Walter/Bawden/Horvath

WR- E. Moore, C. Davis, K. Cole, C. Austin, J Smith. D. Mims, A. Pierce.

TE- D. Schultz, M. Pruitt, J. Ruckert, K. Yeboah

OT- M. Moses, M. Becton, K. Diesch, ATV

OG- ATV, Z. Johnson, K. Green

OC- C. McGovern, Z. Johnson, R. Pierschbacher

K- E. Pineiro

LS- T. Hennessey

P- B. Mann

DT- F. Fatukasi, T. Jones. Damian Daniels, D. Jones

DE- JFM, C. Lawson, K. Phillips, J. Johnson, B. Huff

LB- D. Lloyd, D. Clark, K. White, Q. Williams, J. Sherwood, H. Nasirildeen

CB- B. Hall. DJ Reed, M. Carter II, J. Guidry, B. Echols, I. Dunn, R. Wildgoose, D. Williams

S- M. Williams, D. Hill, L. Cine, A. Davis

One of the DBs and one of the LBs will need to be placed on the practice squad in order to keep the roster count down to 53. Although as you saw last year injuries, even in the preseason can change the roster quite dramatically.

The Jets spent quite a lot in free agency but it was needed. With the loss in salary from Williams, Fant and Mosley (nearly $25 million), plus including the players cut the actual salary cap numbers should still have the Jets at least $10 million under the cap. Also, with free agent signings there are signing bonuses that will bring down the first year cost quite a bit. With the salary cap supposedly looking to explode in a year or two the Jets should be well positioned to make additional moves if they so desire.

That’s the plan.

Tell me what you think.