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Podcast: The Role of Luck and Welcome to YouTube

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Today the Locked On Jets podcast launches on YouTube. You can still listen to the show on platforms where it was already located if you so choose, but there will now also be a YouTube stream going forward. Obviously this is a new thing so bear with me as I figure things out. We might not have Oscar worthy production at first, but I believe in time I can win an Academy Award. (Or would it be an Emmy?)

Today I talk about the role of luck. Results in the NFL are not only based on talent, skill, and performance. Probably more than we would like to admit, luck plays a role in games. There are a number of areas I look at to try and determine the role of luck through a season. On today’s episode I examine how lucky and unlucky the Jets were in 2021.

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