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Podcast: Can the Jets Pull Off Another Upset on the Bills?

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

This Sunday the Jets have the opportunity to surprise the football world and sweep the Buffalo Bills. After their upset victory over Buffalo in November, is it possible they could do it again? Of course it is, but the Bills are clearly favored.

How can the Jets pull off another surprise? We discuss it on today’s podcast. This game isn’t necessarily make or break for the Jets. It is for the division race. To have any chance of winning the AFC East, the Jets must win. For their overall Playoff hopes, however, this game isn’t overly significant. A win this week probably helps the Jets more than a loss hurts them.

To pull another upset, the Jets will need a big effort by their line on defense and some rookie skill players on offense. All of this and more are discussed on today’s podcast episode.

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