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Jets fan confidence remains durable in the face of a four game losing streak

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Once again it is time to check in with SB Nation Reacts.

What is SB Nation Reacts? Each week we ask Jets fans their confidence level in the team’s direction occasionally with additional questions. Then we give you the results to give you the pulse of the fanbase.

The Jets are on a four game losing streak which has hurt the team’s Playoff odds. After entering the month of December with a 7-4 record, the Jets now find themselves 7-8.

In the face of these struggles, fans we polled still overwhelmingly have faith in the franchise’s direction. This week the Jets have an 83 percent confidence rating in our Reacts survey.

Before this losing streak began, the confidence rating was at 97 percent. There has been some slippage, but in the context of a four game December losing streak, 83 still seems like a very high number.

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