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Podcast: Mike White Returns to the Lineup for the Jets

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are getting their starting quarterback back in the lineup when they face the Seattle Seahawks Week 17.

If you had asked anybody which quarterback that meant three months ago, surely the answer would have answered Zach Wilson. Of course, it is Mike White who will be back in the lineup in Seattle after missing the last two games with a rib injury.

Wilson had an opportunity to reclaim the starting job over the last two games. While he showed some positive things against the Lions, his overall performance was inconsistent. What followed was an ugly Thursday night performance against the Jaguars that led to his second benching of the season.

On today’s podcast we discuss what is to come for the Jets with White back under center. The next two games are huge for the team and huge for White’s career.

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