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Final Score: Jaguars 19, Jets 3

The New York Jets’ playoff hopes are rapidly fading as they lose their 4th straight game to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

In the New York Jets’ 15th game of the 2022 season, on a rainy, windswept, stormy night in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the Jets were defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars, 19 - 3, all but ending any Jets playoff hopes. The Jets are not mathematically eliminated yet, but having lost four straight and six out of eight, and with no home games remaining, there is little reason to think the Jets have much chance to get in the post-season dance.

After a first half in which the Jets were completely dismantled in every phase of the game, the Jets felt lucky to go into halftime trailing by “only” 10 points at 13 - 3. The Jets offense was essentially shut out in the first half, as the only three points the Jets scored came on a drive in which the Jets offense went backwards. A short field goal set up by a Quinnen Williams strip sack deep in Jaguars territory gave the Jets a brief 3 - 0 lead. The rest of the first half it was all Jaguars. The vaunted Jets defense was pushed around by the Jaguars offense, as the Jaguars repeatedly went on long, grinding drives. The Jets offense couldn’t get anything done against a bad Jaguars defense. The Jets offensive line was a sieve, allowing immediate pressure on Zach Wilson again and again. The Jets running game barely had positive yardage in the first half. Zach Wilson got nothing done in the passing game. It was complete capitulation in every aspect of the game in a first half performance reminiscent of the darkest days of the Adam Gase regime. The Jets looked unprepared, uninterested and outclassed by a middling Jaguars team in a game they needed badly. It was a pathetic first half performance.

The Jets opened the third quarter on offense and promptly went three and out, as you began to wonder if the Jets were even going to put up a fight.

The Jaguars then once again went right down the field to eventually kick a 41 yard field goal for a 16 - 3 lead. With the Jets defense unable to stop the Jaguars offense and the Jets offense unable to get anything going against the Jaguars defense, the game felt like it was over at this point, barring multiple turnovers by the Jaguars.

The next Jets drive went backwards as the Jets’ offensive futility against one of the NFL’s worst defenses became almost comical. After the Jaguars next drive fizzled in Jets territory, the Jets threw in the towel on Zach Wilson and inserted Chris Streveler at quarterback. The crowd cheered the Jets 4th string quarterback coming in to replace the #2 overall pick in last year’s draft. It was a sobering moment.

Streveler immediately injected some life into the Jets offense, leading a Jets drive into Jaguars territory as the 3rd quarter drew to a close. Streveler ended up leading the Jets offense to more yards on his first drive than Zach Wilson had produced in all seven previous Jets drives combined, but the end result was the same. The Jets turned the ball over on downs deep in Jaguars territory. That was the last realistic chance the Jets had to get back in this game.

A late interception by the Jaguars on a freak deflection off the foot of a Jaguars player gave the Jaguars the ball deep in Jets territory late in the game. That eventually resulted in another Jaguars field goal to bring the score to 19 - 3 in favor of the Jaguars. From there Chris Streveler led the Jets on another long drive into Jaguars territory which again ended with the Jets turning the ball over on downs. The Jaguars then went into victory formation.

With the loss the Jets go to 7-8 on the season. Now the Jets have to try to win two road games to close out the regular season and hope for plenty of help against other teams in the race for a wild card spot. After what we’ve seen over the last eight games from this team there is no reason to believe the Jets are up to the challenge.

Jets fans were promised meaningful December games this year. The team delivered on that promise. Unfortunately the Jets completely collapsed during this stretch of meaningful December games. It is a painful way to end a season that began with such promise.

John will be along on Friday to provide a more in-depth recap of today’s game. In the meantime leave your comments on this travesty of a Jets game below.