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Jets vs Lions Game Thread

The Jets face the Lions at home in Week 15 as they try to keep pace in the AFC playoff race

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

It’s week 15 for the New York Jets in the 2022 NFL season and the Jets are at home in MetLife Stadium to take on the Detroit Lions.

Just four games to go now. Four games to try to break the NFL’s longest post-season drought. Four games to exorcise the ghosts of Jetsmas’s past. Four games to glory or ignominious collapse. Win all four and the Jets are nearly certain to make the playoffs. Lose all four and jobs may be on the line.

Speaking of jobs, Zach Wilson gets his starting job back today, at least for one game, and probably for at least two games, with the short turnaround to Thursday Night Football this week. It’s getting late very early for Wilson. A disastrous performance over these next two games might seal his fate with the Jets. A great performance might be the beginning of something special for him.

There’s a lot on the line today. Just as it should be in December. The meaningful December tour continues today, at 1 pm, against the Lions. Please leave your comments in the section cleverly marked “comments” below. Enjoy the game everybody.