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Jets AFC East Hopes Are Just About Gone After Loss to Bills

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

I know it was always a stretch to believe the Jets could compete for a division title this year, but the team kept hanging around. The optimist in me wanted to believe there was a way.

Many of you were more realistic. We have reached the point where any hopes of winning the AFC East are now report so this will be the final weekly update I provide on the division.

With a win yesterday, the Jets could have pulled into within a game of first place with a tiebreaker in hand over Buffalo. With the loss to the Bills, the Jets now find themselves three games out of the division lead with four games left to play. It is difficult to conceive of a scenario where the Bills would lose enough to open the door so the Jets’ focus can now exclusively be on securing one of the conference’s three Wild Card spots.

  1. Buffalo 10-3
  2. Miami 8-5
  3. NY Jets 7-6
  4. New England 6-6