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Jets vs Bills Game Thread

The Jets face the Bills on the road in Week 14 as they try to keep pace in the AFC playoff race

NFL: New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s week 14 for the New York Jets in the 2022 NFL season and the Jets are on the road to take on the Buffalo Bills. A Jets win today would give them a sweep of the season series.

It’s getting late in the season now. After today the Jets will have just four games left. The playoff picture is coming into focus, and the Jets could really use a win today to keep pace. A loss on the road to the 9-3 Bills would not be surprising. It would not be devastating. But a loss would make the Jets’ margin of error the rest of the way razor thin. A loss would give the Jets 6 losses with four games to play. 7 losses probably gets the Jets into the playoffs. 8 losses may not. With road games against the Seattle Seahawks and the Miami Dolphins still remaining, at some point a Jets road win would be really, really useful for the Jets’ playoff chances. Getting that win today would be nice.

If the Jets manage to win today they will not only greatly improve their playoff chances; the Jets will also keep themselves in the race for the AFC East title, with just one game separating them from the first place Bills and the tiebreaker in favor of the Jets with a season sweep of the Bills. An AFC East title this season may not be likely, but it is still possible. How great is that after the last decade plus of misery?

It’s the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills in week 14 of the 2022 New York Jets season. Please leave your comments in the section cleverly marked “comments” below. Enjoy the game everybody.