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Podcast: The Jets Are Giving Zach Wilson a Chance to Succeed

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets had their biggest win in years on Sunday over the Buffalo Bills. New York now finds itself half a game back from the division lead with a head to head victory in the bank.

It was also significant that the Jets got a solid game out of Zach Wilson. The team didn’t ask him to carry the load. What the second year quarterback did was play effective football, playing within the system.

More and more I feel like the Jets have built the type of stable infrastructure that can nurture a young quarterback. That is the topic of today’s podcast.

After years of failing to build around quarterbacks the team has tried to develop, the Jets seem to be giving Zach Wilson a legitimate chance of growing into a capable quarterback. They have given him a go to guy, a strong run game, and an excellent defense. I elaborate on this on today’s episode.