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AFC Playoff Picture: Vikings Win Over Patriots Puts New York Jets Back Into Playoff Position

New England Patriots v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Two of the three NFL games on Thanksgiving had significance for the Jets in their Playoff push.

The Jets are competing against the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots in both the division and the conference postseason race. Losses by both teams yesterday would have been beneficial.

The Jets got half of what they needed. Buffalo defeated Detroit in the first game of the day. After the Cowboys defeated the Giants, the Jets did get a bit of help from the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota defeated the Patriots.

That result dropped the Patriots into eighth place in the AFC standings and moved the Jets into seventh place, half a game ahead of New England. Since the top seven teams in the conference make the Playoffs, the Jets are now back in postseason position heading into Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

Here are the current conference standings.

  1. Kansas City 8-3
  2. Buffalo 8-3
  3. Tennessee 7-3
  4. Baltimore 7-3
  5. Miami 7-3
  6. Cincinnati 6-4
  7. NY Jets 6-4
  8. New England 6-5
  9. LA Chargers 5-5
  10. Indianapolis 4-6-1
  11. Jacksonville 3-7
  12. Las Vegas 3-7
  13. Cleveland 3-7
  14. Denver 3-7
  15. Pittsburgh 3-7
  16. Houston 1-8-1