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Podcast: The Zach Wilson Saga

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Things are not going well for Zach Wilson. The second year quarterback struggled in the Jets’ loss to the Patriots on Sunday.

Things are so rough that head coach Robert Saleh didn’t even commit to starting Wilson at quarterback this Sunday when the Jets face the Chicago Bears at MetLife Stadium. That is kind of shocking given the alternatives and Wilson’s status as the second overall pick in last year’s Draft.

On today’s podcast, I discuss the Zach Wilson situation. This is a tough situation. The Jets clearly misjudged how pro ready their quarterback was when they drafted him last year. They also have not done a good enough job building quarterback depth. It isn’t clear a viable alternative is currently on the roster. What goes into this decision? We discuss it on today’s episode.

Thanks as always for listening to and/or watching the show.