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Robert Saleh doesn’t commit to Zach Wilson starting at QB for the Jets Week 12 vs. Bears

Is it Mike White time?

NFL: New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson had a bad game Week 11 against the New England Patriots and then made headlines after the game for saying he didn’t believe he let down the defense. The Jets scored 3 points on offense in the loss while their defense allowed 3.

Head coach Robert Saleh speaking to the media on Monday refused to commit to the second-year quarterback being in the lineup for the Jets on Sunday.

It isn’t clear how seriously Saleh is considering a change. It could be a motivational ploy to get Wilson’s attention.

Still it is indeed big news when a coach tells you on Monday he isn’t sure who his starting quarterback will be the next week. Clearly there were some bad feelings in the locker room toward Wilson after the game. How bad things are we can’t say. The team is now in full PR mode, and few public comments will offer much insight the rest of this week.

Would benching Wilson be the right move? I can't really say. Certainly his play not just last week but for most of the year would merit a change. My rough estimation is the caliber of play from either Joe Flacco or Mike White wouldn’t be much better or worse. Of course, Wilson’s standing in the locker room could play a role in the decision.