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There Seems to Be Discontent With Zach Wilson in the Jets Locker Room

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

“A locker room divided” is an easy storyline to write after a team suffers a devastating loss, particularly when one unit outperforms the other. The Jets defense was outstanding in their Week 11 loss to the Patriots, allowing 3 points. The Jets offense was not, scoring only 3 points.

The game was quite a struggle for quarterback Zach Wilson. Sometimes a quarterback’s statistics are deceptive. That was not the case on Sunday. Wilson’s 9 for 22, 77 yard stat line was a pretty accurate indicator of his performance.

You could see during the game some frustration among his teammates, particularly Garrett Wilson’s response after a failed third down play when his quarterback did not look in his direction.

The rookie receiver vented after the game.

Zach Wilson’s postgame comments also raised some eyebrows.

Now broadly speaking, it is very easy to take a comment like that and blow it out of proportion. The biggest problem with Wilson yesterday was his level of play. Nothing he said in the postgame press conference was going to fix that.

What the media, you, and I think about these comments is irrelevant. They only matter if his teammates don’t take kindly to them.

That’s what seems noteworthy. Two Jets defensive players took to Twitter and liked tweets criticizing Wilson’s response to that answer.

John Franklin-Myers and Sauce Gardner both later claimed that they liked the tweets critical of Wilson by accident.

It seems like a heck of a coincidence that two players from the defense would accidentally like tweets critical of their quarterback immediately after a game like yesterday’s.

Uh yeah...really compelling argument there, Sauce.

Despite this purely coincidental run of accidental social media likes, plenty of reporters connected with the team are indicating all is not well in the locker room.

Certainly none of these issues are insurmountable. Each team has its share of internal drama over the course of a season, and it tends to be a result of losing.

Still, it certainly is worth keeping an eye on this. There clearly seems to be disharmony right now within the locker room.