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AFC Playoff Picture: New York Jets Fall Out of Playoff Position After Loss to New England Patriots

The Jets are currently on the outside looking in

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s loss to the Patriots caused the Jets to fall down the conference standings. After spending more than a month in fifth position, the top Wild Card spot, the Jets dropped all the way to eighth place in the AFC as a result of Sunday’s defeat.

Of course only the top seven teams in the conference make the postseason. That means if the season ended today, the Jets would be on the outside looking in.

The Jets are tied with the sixth place Patriots and seventh place Bengals. However, they lose the head to head tiebreaker with both teams from their two losses to New England and their Week 3 loss to Cincinnati.

The good news is the Jets remain in the mix, and there is plenty of football left to be played.

1. Kansas City 8-2

2. Miami 7-3

3. Tennessee 7-3

4. Baltimore 7-3

5. Buffalo 7-3

6. New England 6-4

7. Cincinnati 6-4

8. NY Jets 6-4

9. LA Chargers 5-5

10. Indianapolis 4-6-1

11. Jacksonville 3-7

12. Las Vegas 3-7

13. Cleveland 3-7

14. Denver 3-7

15. Pittsburgh 3-7

16. Houston 1-8-1