Don't blame Matt LaFleur

Two years ago the Jets had the chance to draft a potential hall of fame talent with no red flags in the draft. I'm not talking about Zach WIlson, I am talking about Ja'marr Chase. If anyone has seen Justin Jefferson in Minnesota blow up, you'd know that Ja'marr was head and shoulders better than him, and a generational talent at receiver.

The Jets chose to draft Zach Wilson. I don't hate Zach WIlson, and I'm not going to debate Sam Darnold over Zach WIlson. I think Joe Douglas has done a wonderful job, and he should be the GM for a long time. My point is, sometimes we understate the safe bet. The player that we've seen play NFL level competition, play like a man amongst boys, the player that is never hurt, and think we know better. I've seen it with Mike Mumula in Philadelphia. I've seen it when the Ravens drafted Kyle Boller at QB because he threw a football 70 yards from one knee. No one ever says these players didn't play good competition. No one ever says these players only did it for one year over players that we've seen perform for two or three. When I look at Zach WIlson, I don't see Sam Darnold and say what if. I see Ja'marr Chase and say what if?

WIlson will continue to grow and get better. Right now though, he is only good if he has his feet planted, and can drive the ball to his first read. He can't throw off platform like we all heard in and after the draft. He can't deliver an accurate ball from any platform unless his back leg is planted and he's not running. He also can't look defenders off, throw the quick pass.

What does this have to do with Matt LaFleur? There are a lot of haters on MLF's game plan. There is a lot of debate on who sucked worse. Put yourself in Matt's shoes. You have a QB that can't throw an accurate screen pass to a receiver on the line of scrimmage without the ball sailing over their head. The QB can't throw over the middle without it going in the dirt, or sailing over someones's head. I'm not referencing the Patriots "windy game", this is a general observation over the season. MLF deserves credit that he's been able to scheme up offense despite of Zach WIlson. The Jets are a boxer fighting with one hand tied behind their back in WIlson at this point. MLF knows it, and the defense the Jets face know it. To blame LaFleur for the lack of offense while he's got to play Zach Wilson is ludicrous to me. He can't call jet sweep 30 times a game, and short passes to backs and receivers are so erratic that he can't generate momentum that way either. I give Lafleur an A- for what he's been able to do considering ZW's limitations as a QB.

Before I turn into a hater of MLF or Zach Wilson, I'll just say, I just hope this game was a wakeup call that he is not better than his mechanics. He is not better than fundamental football. That lesson is worth another L to the Patriots in my opinion.

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