Jets at 6-4 (cup half full or empty)?

I am in disbelief at the lack of fan involvement with the current team. Think back 10 years, not the team but the fans! Actively posting, discussing, arguing about our favorite team and players and their coaches. Was this the SNY plan to reduce the chatter to nothing? GangGreen was great! Why replace it with a venue that is so (lacking for an adjective here)! Nobody posts anymore! That’s wrong! We are a proud fan base! Our team is as great as it’s been and what do we have here? Crickets. My take on yesterday? Our defense won the game. Our coaches lots the game. Our offense? They sheepishly followed their leader right over the edge of awfulness. They ran the play’s lefleur called. The problem? Those play’s didn’t work. Those plays made Zach look as bad as he can be. Did we commit to the run? No. Did we have a fast offense with quick release passing that favors Zach? Did we as fans suffer the indignation of lefleur stating his protective nature towards Zach while we watch him hung out to dry? Post people! Start a new blog! Start sharing your feelings that must be ready to explode now! And Coach Saleh, coach, don’t enable! We don’t want a brilliant OC! We want to win! Lefleur is the problem! Address it now!

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