Thanks for nothing

Sbnation, thanks for ruining a site that used to be relevant. Fans used to post their passion and share, debate or argue right vs wrong. What now? No one posts. You blew it. Boring. Woody. Lefleur. Saleh (rookie). Zach. So over this mess. If you offered up this record 8 weeks in, we all would have taken it. Watching it, a different story, still fans don’t complain. They accept. I don’t. I have had a constant disdain for play calling. Lefleur and Zach should both be benched. Breece Hall now gone for the season but, he should have had twice the touches while here. Lefleur has zero simpatico with Zach. Zach has zero maturity. He has zero pocket strength. He sees a blur every time he drops back. He needs a running game to win. Flacco is so done. Mike white and strevler. Btw Saleh, come clean. Activate strevler and deactivate him in the same week? Why? Saleh; "something happened Saturday " WHAT??? I’d rather see strevler or white then Flacco super bowl ring and all! Even with a winning record SAME OLD JETS!

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