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Jets vs Dolphins Game Thread

Syndication: Palm Beach Post Bill Ingram / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s week 5 for the New York Jets in the 2022 NFL season and the Jets are at home in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey to face the Miami Dolphins.

The schedule against the Dolphins favors the Jets this year, as they avoid the heat and humidity in Miami early in the season. The Jets get the Dolphins at home today and don’t face them in Miami until January. That’s ideal from the Jets’ standpoint. In addition to the favorable schedule, the Jets get to face a Dolphins team missing their starting quarterback, with the starting left tackle, at least one starting cornerback, and their best two wide receivers hobbled by various injuries.

This is a situation the Jets need to take advantage of. If the current Jets regime is ever going to turn this team around, then the Jets need to start winning games like this. They need to start winning divisional games. They need to start winning home games. They need to take advantage when the opponent is hurting.

It’s been a long time since mid-October games meant much for Jets fans. The Jets have played only two games where they had a shot to emerge with a winning record this late in the season since 2015. In week 7 of both the 2017 and 2018 seasons the Jets had a chance to get over the .500 mark. They lost both games, and they have not had that opportunity this late in the season since.

This game today means plenty. The Jets finally have another chance to get over the .500 mark in October. A win today would mean the world to this team. A loss would start the SOJ narratives. It’s time to win.

It’s the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins in week 5 of the 2022 New York Jets season. Please leave your comments in the section cleverly marked “comments” below. Enjoy the game everybody.