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Scouting Jets offensive tackle Mike Remmers

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the Jets signed veteran offensive tackle Mike Remmers to their practice squad. Today, we break down Remmers in detail.

The 33-year old Remmers is listed at 6’5” and 306 pounds and was undrafted out of Oregon State back in 2012. He has started 100 games in his NFL career, 10 of which were in the playoffs.


Remmers, who weighed 220 at the time, didn’t receive any scholarship offers out of high school, but walked on at Oregon State. After redshirting his first year, he started seven games in place of a suspended teammate in 2008 and was given a full scholarship after the season.

Over the next three years, he started all 37 games and was a one-time all-Pac 12 honorable mention. However, he wasn’t invited to the scouting combine and didn’t get selected in the 2012 draft.

He spent time with the Broncos, Bucs and Chargers during his first two seasons, playing in just one game with the Chargers in which he was on the field for just four offensive snaps.

In 2014, he spent time with the Vikings and Rams, but ended up with the Panthers and made his first NFL start in week 13. He held up well and remained a starter for the rest of that season and the following two years, making a total of 37 consecutive starts.

During that time, he was best known for his performance in the 2015 Super Bowl, where Von Miller dominated him and eventually won the MVP award. Miller beat Remmers for three sacks, with two of these leading to fumbles - one for a touchdown and one to clinch the final outcome.

In 2017, he went back to the Vikings, signing a three year deal. He missed five games due to injury in his first year, then started every game in 2018, but was released after the season.

He signed with the Giants in May and started 14 games for them in 2019, then joined the Chiefs in 2021 and started 10 games for them on the team that lost to the Bucs in the Super Bowl. Last season, he started just two games.

The Jets signed Remmers to their practice squad after placing George Fant on injured reserve last week. Since then, Max Mitchell has also gone down with an injury, perhaps making it more likely that Remmers sees action soon.

Now let’s take a look at what Remmers brings to the table, divided into categories.


Remmers has proven himself to be a successful tackle at the NFL level, despite the fact he has very short arms. His athletic ability is solid, as he posted a good 40-time (5.14) and agility numbers as his pro day. His explosiveness numbers were about average and he managed 20 bench press reps.


Remmers has started multiple games at every offensive line position apart from center. His primary position was left tackle in 2016 and right guard in 2018, but he’s otherwise been primarily a right tackle.

He can actually play center too. He was the emergency center in college, playing eight snaps there.

He’s also seen plenty of action as a jumbo package tight end and was a defensive end in high school.

Pass Blocking

Remmers has struggled in pass protection over the years, with a high pressure rate. He gave up nine sacks in 2015 and 2016 and another seven in 2018. However, he didn’t give up a single sack in 11 starts in his first year with the Vikings.

Over the past few years, he’s been a bit more reliable than in the past. Since 2018, he’s given up seven sacks in 29 starts, including the postseason.

Remmers’ main issue has always been against speed rushers coming off the edge. He can be slow to get back into his stance and can lose leverage if the edge rusher is explosive enough to beat him to a spot.

This can also make him susceptible to inside moves or spin moves at times, because he will overset in an effort to prevent the outside pressure.

He seems to fare a lot better against bull rushers, with a good ability to move his feet, anchor and extend his arms to control.

Run Blocking

Remmers has been an efficient run blocker over the course of his career. He can explode out of his stance with good power and drive his man back at the point of attack.

He also possesses the athletic ability to get out and block in space and can execute reach blocks or peel off to a second assignment.

Remmers also displays a good ability to work in combination with his linemates, whether operating at guard or tackle.

Short Yardage

Remmers spent his last two years with the Chiefs, who typically use creative ways of getting into the end zone from close to the goal line, rather than just punching it in. However, his teams have had some success over the years at running behind him. He helps to cave in the left side of the line here to set up a score.

Screen Blocking

Remmers can be inconsistent in terms of finding a target on screen plays, but he definitely has the athletic ability to get out in front, and looks good when he does lock onto his man.


Remmers is an experienced player, who uses his hands well and will reset his angles well on a down block, but there are still a few areas where his technique can be sloppy.

On the attempted reach block here, his pad level is too high which enables the defensive player to knock him back. This also prevents him from getting to the outside shoulder for a leverage advantage.

On this play, he lunges into his block, enabling his man to fall off the block and help bottle up the play.

As noted, his biggest issue in pass protection is getting back into his stance efficiently and with good balance although he does also have short arms, which makes it essential his technique is sound.


Penalties were a major issue early on in Remmers’ career, as he had 29 penalties in two years from 2015 to 2016 as he was a full time starter for the first time.

His on-field discipline has been better in recent years. He has 10 penalties in his 29 starts over the last three years. Seven of these were for holding. His 31 holding penalties and 21 false starts make up the majority of his 59 career penalties.

Special Teams

Remmers’ only special teams contributions have been as a blocker on the placekicking unit. He has allowed a couple of pressures in his career, including this block.


Remmers has proven his smarts and IQ by playing so many different roles over the course of his career and he displays good awareness in pass protection when helping out a teammate or dealing with stunts.

He’s not immune to mental errors, though. He has 22 pre-snap penalties in his career and this moment went viral after he ushered his man through for an easy sack because he incorrectly believed the Vikings were running a screen.


Remmers’ character is apparent from the journey he made to become a success at the NFL level. From not receiving any scholarship offers to not getting an NFL start until he joined his sixth team, he’s worked his way into a nice career.

He’s also shown a team-first attitude and versatility by playing multiple roles and is a popular teammate with good toughness and durability.

Remmers also shows some signs of aggressiveness and nastiness in the way he finishes his blocks at times.


Remmers has been healthy for most of his career, only landing on injured reserve for the first time ever in 2021 due to a knee issue.

In 2017, he missed five games due to concussions and a lower back injury. Apart from that, he has also been listed with back injuries in 2018 and 2019 and a rib injury in 2020.

Scheme Fit

Remmers has good experience in both zone and man schemes but profiles well as a fit in the Jets’ offense with his athletic ability. He was presumably signed because the Jets are desperate for tackle help, but they could also use him at guard if the need arises.

During his long career, Remmers has been teammates with multiple current Jets: Lamarcus Joyner, Greg Zuerlein, Eric Smith, Craig James, Will Parks and Tyler Conklin.


The Jets added Remmers to the practice squad and Cedric Ogbuehi to the active roster at the same time last week, following Fant’s injury. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they view Ogbuehi as the better option of the two. He was perhaps only rostered because he had to be, due to being on a practice squad. It was reported that Remmers would be added to the roster at some point.

With Mitchell now also injured, that could accelerate how soon either of these players is needed, although Alijah Vera-Tucker establishing himself as a viable emergency option and Duane Brown’s imminent return could block this.

Remmers might never get an opportunity to play for the Jets and, if all goes to plan, he won’t. However, they desperately needed cover and, given what was available, it’s a solid addition.