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AFC Playoff Picture: Jets Remain in Fifth Place Despite Loss to Patriots

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Jets lost to New England yesterday. They, however, did not lose their place in either the division or conference standings.

The Jets remain in second place in the AFC East heading into a game next weekend against first place Buffalo.

  1. Buffalo 6-1
  2. NY Jets 5-3
  3. Miami 5-3
  4. New England 4-4

The Jets remain in second place due to their head to head victory over Miami. At this point, the AFC East is looking like one of the league’s strongest divisions. Nobody is under .500.

Where do the Jets fit into the Playoff picture in the conference? They entered the weekend as the fifth seed. They remain there after this Sunday’s defeat.

  1. Buffalo 6-1
  2. Tennessee 5-2
  3. Kansas City 5-2
  4. Baltimore 5-3
  5. NY Jets 5-3
  6. Miami 5-3
  7. LA Chargers 4-3
  8. Cincinnati 4-3
  9. New England 4-4
  10. Indianapolis 3-4-1
  11. Denver 3-5
  12. Las Vegas 2-5
  13. Cleveland 2-5
  14. Jacksonville 2-6
  15. Pittsburgh 2-6
  16. Houston 1-5-1

Just as it has been the last couple of weeks, the Jets would be on their way to Baltimore for the Wild Card round of the Playoffs if the season ended today.

What the Jets lost yesterday along with the game is their margin for error. They had some breathing room separating them from other AFC postseason contenders. That is now gone.