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Jets Trade Rumors: Jets Willing to Give Up a First Round Pick for Broncos EDGE Bradley Chubb?

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The NFL’s trade deadline is at 4:00 pm Eastern tomorrow. Peter King has a spicy trade rumor involving the Jets in his Football Morning in America column.

One of the league’s most disappointing teams—despite waking up in the second half in London Sunday—has heard from teams on both Chubb and wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. GM George Paton, clearly, would move Chubb, due to be a free-agent in March, having missed 24 games due to injury in his first four years, for a first-round pick, and he may get one. A well-plugged-in GM told me over the weekend the Jets and Dolphins are interested, and interested enough to consider dealing a first-rounder for Chubb. But to make that deal for a significant price, Miami or New York, or any team, would have to have a deal done with Chubb beyond this year.

The Jets and Dolphins famously battled to trade for Tyreek Hill over the offseason. It was a battle won by Miami.

I don’t think I need to go into deep analysis why the Jets would want Bradley Chubb. He would take a defensive line that is already performing extremely well to the next level. Without Breece Hall, the Jets offense has a lot of issues. This team might need its defense to carry the entire load to win games. With Quinnen Williams already playing at an All Pro level, a star like Chubb could make this defensive line one of the league’s best.

How much sense would this make big picture? Well every team could use an impact pass rusher. The Jets are in a better position to part with a first round pick than they have been for years. They have excess talent playing on cheap rookie deals. That said, Chubb does have an injury history and would require a lucrative extension. Those factors presumably should lower his price. A first round pick would in some ways feel like paying a premium. Still, what Chubb could do for this defense isn’t worth ignoring.

Keeping him away from a division rival is a more minor concern but still one that exists.