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Jets Tackle Max Mitchell to Miss Several Weeks; Injury Not Season Ending

NFL: New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Jets right tackle Max Mitchell will miss several weeks due to a knee injury sustained in Sunday’s win over the Pittsburgh Steelers per Ian Rapoport. The good news for the Jets is the injury is not believed currently to be a season ender.

There is always the caveat that initial Jets timeframes on knee injuries recently have frequently undersold the recovery timeframe.

While it is good news the Jets expect Mitchell back at some point this season, losing him in the short run is a negative. The team currently has three tackles on injured reserve. That is the reason Mitchell is starting. This was supposed to be a developmental season where he refined his technique in practice and added bulk in the weight room. The reps he has gotten this season might do him well in the future, but now Mitchell will be out of the lineup.

This puts the Jets into a tough spot as Conor McDermott will be pressed into starting duty.