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Podcast: The Patriots Come to Town in the Jets’ Biggest Home Game in Years

Chicago Bears v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Jets host the hated New England Patriots on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. It is the biggest Jets home game in years. New York has a chance to improve its record to 6-2 and set up a showdown for first place in the conference next weekend against the Buffalo Bills. Doing that will require the team to take care of business on Sunday.

Today’s podcast is a preview of the game between these two fierce rivals. There are definitely some players worth watching. Perhaps just as important is how the Jets deal with the game. Thus far the team has played beyond its years in dealing with challenges. Can they continue to show maturity with the Patriots coming off an ugly loss, and the Bills coming to town in a week? All of this and more are topics on today’s episode.

Thank you as always for watching and/or listening to the show.