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What Are the Terms of the Jets’ Trade for James Robinson?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Washington Commanders Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Last night the Jets made a trade with the Jaguars to acquire running back James Robinson. The Jets gave up a conditional pick that could either in the fifth or sixth round. We now know the specific terms.

When we talk about conditional thinks, we generally think of an escalator as a bonus for a good performance. For example, Robinson playing well would turn the pick from a sixth rounder into a fifth rounder. In a case like this, the condition seems more like insurance. The Jets seem willing to part with a fifth round pick for Robinson. The terms of the trade protect them a bit if Robinson is a disappointment or gets injured early in his tenure. Then the team would only owe a sixth rounder.

When you think about it as a Cashman for Robinson swap, it certainly sounds like a good move for the Jets on paper.