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Jets Remain 5th in the AFC; 2nd in the AFC East After Week 7

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Seven weeks into the season, the Jets remain one of the biggest surprises in the NFL. They are one of three teams in the AFC to post five wins. The other two are the Bills and the Chiefs. Buffalo has a better record by half a game since the Bills have one loss to the Jets’ two.

Who thought the Jets would have the conference’s second best record at this point.

New York is currently in second place in the AFC East, a full game ahead of the Dolphins with a head to head victory in their pocket.

  1. Buffalo 5-1
  2. NY Jets 5-2
  3. Miami 4-3
  4. New England 3-3

The Patriots play tonight against the Bears.

In the AFC postseason race, the Jets might have the second best record. However, if the season ended today, they would still be the fifth seed. The top four seeds are reserved for division winners, and the Jets are behind the Bills in the East.

  1. Buffalo 5-1
  2. Kansas City 5-2
  3. Tennessee 4-2
  4. Baltimore 4-3
  5. NY Jets 5-2
  6. Miami 4-3
  7. LA Chargers 4-3
  8. Cincinnati 4-3
  9. Indianapolis 3-3-1
  10. New England 3-3
  11. Las Vegas 2-4
  12. Jacksonville 2-5
  13. Denver 2-5
  14. Cleveland 2-5
  15. Pittsburgh 2-5
  16. Houston 1-4-1

If the season ended today, the Jets would be heading to Baltimore in the first round of the Playoffs for a Week 1 rematch against the Ravens.

Coming up next for the Jets is a big AFC East game at home against a New England team that will be coming off a short week.