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Jets fans feel very confident in the team’s direction after second straight win

It’s almost unanimous. The team is moving in the right direction.

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Edward Diller/Getty Images

Today we have our latest installment of SB Nation Reacts.

Each week SB Nation asks fans of the Jets and the other 31 teams opinions about their favorite team and the league in general.

When last we left SB Nation Reacts, fan confidence in the team’s direction had risen to 87 percent after the win against Pittsburgh. This was a healthy rise from a week earlier when it had fallen to 51 percent after the loss to the Bengals.

The tradition of fan confidence rising after a win continued. This week 97 percent of Jets fans surveyed expressed confidence in the team’s direction.

During the Adam Gase Era, these surveys frequently registered only slightly higher than zero. I wondered aloud how anybody could be confident in the team’s direction.

Today I have the opposite question. After eleven years with no Playoffs and six years since the Jets’ last winning record, who were these 3 percent who aren’t confident after a 3-2 start? Maybe a win against Green Bay will convince them to be more confident.

Tune in next week to find out.

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