Non-Jets opinion: Antonio Brown's Tom Brady comments confirm he's dumb

Antonio Brown is a very talented receiver. He's a seven-time Pro Bowler, four-time All-Pro, and Super Bowl champion. What he isn't very talented at is speaking about teammates. Specifically about Tom Brady. Brown appeared on the Full Send podcast this week and bashed Brady. "Brady can't do shit by himself," Brown said on the podcast. "But you guys are going to make it seem like he's just this heroic guy." He's pretty heroic based on how long he kept you in the NFL, Antonio.

It might be fine if Brown's comments made sense. The only problem is they don't make sense whatsoever. The comments actually show how dumb he is. To make matters worse, Brown made these comments after making a fool of himself by running off the field in the middle of the game on Sunday despite supposedly having an ankle injury. But then his ankle was good enough to get more targets, which he complained about not getting enough of after Sunday's game.

Everything about this whole Brown situation hasn't made much sense and it isn't a surprise that it doesn't make sense because Brown is the one in the middle of it. In fact, the helmet situation in Oakland was dumb. The cryotherapy situation in Oakland was dumb. Him not paying his former chefs was dumb. Brown fighting with a GM didn't make sense and was dumb. Brown asking Tampa Bay to make his bonus money guaranteed last week was dumb. Now this situation Brown finds himself in makes him look dumb. Maybe that's because he is.

Does AB know what a team is?

Brown's comments about Brady not being able to do things by himself are simply stupid. Does Brown not know what sport he has been playing his whole life? It's not called golf or tennis. It's called football. Football is a team sport, which means a player can't win by himself. So regardless of how great Brady is (and he's the greatest of all time), he can't win without teammates. Neither can any other player. But it's like Brown thinks Peyton Manning and Joe Montana won without teammates based on his Brady comments. So yes, Antonio. Brady can't do bleep by himself. But he can do bleep without you, too. In fact, he can do bleep without many other star players. He won a Super Bowl against Aaron Donald with Rex Burkhead and Julian Edelman.

Brady is the last person to make these comments about

It isn't great whenever a player calls out a former teammate like this. But at least if Brown was going to call out someone, call out a guy that didn't save your career. Brady could've said no to Brown the first time around in New England. But he didn't. He could've said no to Brown the second time around in Tampa. But he didn't. In fact, he literally let him stay at his house with his kids! Brady's the one who gave him a seemingly one thousandth chance when he decided to get a fake vaccine card. A fake vaccine card, by the way, that isn't necessary because the NFL doesn't require players to be vaccinated. Just ask Aaron "Immunized" Rodgers.

When Brady was letting Brown stay at his house, he showed how great of a teammate he was. He essentially showed he can't do bleep by himself by welcoming a talented receiver into the organization (and his home) so he could win a seventh ring. "Again, just trying to be a great teammate and help someone out who is a friend of mine," Brady said last year regarding Brown staying over at his house. But Brady isn't a good friend, right Antonio? Brown's comments just don't make sense and were directed at the very person who was the reason why he has a Super Bowl ring on his finger and was still in the NFL until last Sunday.

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