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Podcast: The Most Important Roles for the Jets to Fill in the Offseason

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

As we approach the offseason, much attention is paid to team needs. Most of the time needs are viewed through the lens of weakest positions. There is a degree of validity to this. It is important for teams to make their worst parts better.

Needs have different dimensions in the NFL, though. Teams also should be focused on filling certain roles. Sometimes these roles can be filled by players at more than one position. It is simply important that somebody is there to fill it. Many of these roles come in the form of game changing talent that forces the other team to adjust its gameplan.

On today’s podcast I address what I think are the main key roles the Jets need to fill this offseason. The good news is there are some internal possibilities for each role if those players raise their games.

Thank you for listening to the podcast.